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What is Compressed Air?

The compressed air is taken from the atmosphere, which always contains a certain amount of water vapor. So we often use thermal mass flow meters or vortex flow meters as compressed air flow meters, Gas turbine flow meter rotor can be damaged by the water contained in the compressed air.Compressed air, that is, air compressed by an external force. The air is compressible, and the air that is compressed by the air compressor to reduce its volume and increase the pressure is called compressed air. Compressed air is an important source of power. Compared with other energy sources, it has the following obvious characteristics: clear and transparent, convenient to transport, no special harmful properties, no fire hazard, no fear of overload, can work in many adverse environments, the air is everywhere on the ground, so we can take it everywhere. Flow meter for air then is often needed by our customers.

Compressed Air Application

  • Compressed air is of particular importance in the production of powdered flavors, which must be dry, clean and nearly sterile. This is a particular challenge for compressed air handling.
  • pneumatic compressors, paper cutters, excavators, etc., a series of power machinery
  • Air conditioning refrigeration and heating
  • All kinds of tires have gained flexibility
  • Syringe application
  • Compressed air as an energy carrier
  • Compressed air automatic drainer
  • The use of compressed air to foam aluminum liquid is the most advanced and cheapest manufacturing technology for large-scale continuous production of foamed aluminum.
  • Compressed air purification and drying machine, suction dryer, precision filter, precision filter, gas-liquid separator, etc.

Compressed Air Flow meter Types

Thermal mass flow meter and vortex flow meter is often been used as Compressed air flow meter,  we supply digital gas flow meters, the flow meters with digital display , 4-20mA output or pulse output, we can even have RS485 communication for the compressed air flow sensors.

Compressed air flow meter Inquiry Sample:

Please Quote for vortex flow meter and turbine flow meter to measure the flow of compressed air in a 50mm line, pressure max 8 bar, temp 35DegC max
Our gas turbine flow meter is not a perfect choice to measure compressed air, because the air can bring the water on rotor and cause the turbine flow sensor broken down soon.
But vortex flow meter and thermal mass flow meter can do , see below quotation
Vortex flow meter for compressed air flow measurement
STLU-VNF- Silver Automation Instruments Vortex Flow meter
2-Wafer type vortex flowmeter
3-Vortex flow meter for gas measurement
05-50mm=2 inch vortex flow meter
D-Digital display vortex flow meter
1-24V DC power suuply
2-Output 4-20mA
1- Fluid Temperature: Standard -40~250°C(-40~120°C for inserted)
N-Non Explosion Proof
1- Remote Display (standard 5 m cable)
0-IP 65

thermal mass flow meter for compressed air

SRK-100 Series Thermal Mass Flow meter
50-DN50 mass flow sensor
I-Compact type display
PLF-Flange connection mass flow sensor
19-Probe Diameter: Ø19
6-Probe Material:316
A0-Explosive Proof
T0-Temperatur: -20~60 ℃
P3-Pressure: 0-2.0Mpa
D-Power Supply: 24VDC
1-Output: 4-20Ma
A0-No alarm
E-Digital display Thermal mass gas flow meter

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