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How to choose compressed air flow meter ?

Compressed air isn't free!

Compressed air is actually the most costly form of energy in plants and takes up to 20% of the overall energy costs, so many factories start to monitor and control of compressed air using.

Why thermal dispersion flow meter for compressed air flow measurement?

Thermal dispersion flow meter is a kind of affordable, not difficult to install and operate, and low cost gas flow meters, it holds an enormous potential for saving energy. This kind of gas flow meter is sensitive to the low leakage flows, ideal flow measuring instruments for monitoring compressed air networks, measure the consumption.


Thermal mass flow meters principle is hot film anemometer; it can take measurement of the mass flow or standard volumetric flow without external temperature and pressure compensation.

Thermal flow meter features for compressed air

  • Wide flow measurement range, can detect air flow speed from 0.05 Nm/s to 80 Nm/s
  • Large turn down ratio: 10:1
  • High accuracy: ±0.5% of FS
  • Mass flow or standard volumetric flow irrespective of pressure and temperature
  • Built-in LED digital display, show compressed air instant flow and total flow
  • Flow meter size available, 6mm ~6000mm
  • Process connection, either goes for flange connection or insertion gas flow meter
  • 4-20mA output or pulse output for process control
  • Standard with RS485 Communication, Modbus RTU
  • Quick, easy wiring and installation
  • Exd explosion proof

How to get the price for compressed air flow meter?

You should specify below technical specifications to thermal dispersion flow meter supplier, they will select suitable type meter based on your provided information
  • a. Compressed air flow range
  • b. Current pipeline size
  • c. Operation temperature and pressure
  • d. Process connection, flange or insertion type, also specify flange standard if you have special request (standard flange is DIN PN16).
  • e. Function request, such as whether you need Hart protocol or not, do you need any alarm reply? Do you need anti-corrosive probe, such as PTFE probe? Do you need remote display or integral display?

Silver Automation Instruments supply low cost thermal mass flow meter with robust constructions from China flowmeter manufactures, welcome to send specific inquires to us to obtain the best compressed air flow meter price list.

Click below for more technical specifications about Compressed air flow meter:

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