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Steam Mass Flow Meter

Steam Mass Flow Meter

What is steam mass flow meter?

Steam mass flow measurement can be achieved by Coriolis mass flow meter or vortex flow meters or other DP flow meters. We here introduce vortex flow meters to measure steam mass flow.

Steam flow meter vortex type

Vortex flowmeter is a flow measurement instrument without moving parts. Vortex flow transmitters measure flow rate by measuring the vortex frequency downstream of obstacles in the flow path, so as to achieve the purpose of measuring flow. Vortex meters have a wide range of applications and measurement accuracy. It is a kind of flow measuring instrument developed in the 1970s. It has attracted attention as soon as it came out, and it has been paid more and more attention. It is a promising flow meter recognized by the domestic and foreign instrument industry.

Working principle of steam mass flow meter

In the vapor or steam flow measurement, perpendicular to the flow direction of the fluid, insert a bluff cylindrical object as a vortex generator. Within a certain range of Reynolds number, a regular oscillating motion will be generated behind the vortex generator, that is, in the vortex two rows of vortices will be generated on both sides of the generator, with opposite directions, alternating vortices. These two parallel rows of vortices are called Karman vortex streets. Vortex flowmeters use this principle to measure. However vortex flow meter measure steam volumetric flow, by introducing built-in industrial temperature sensor or pressure sensor , vortex flow transmitter totalizer steam mass flow .

Specifications of steam mass flow meter

  • Steam mass flow meter sensor size: 1 inch, 1-1/2”, 2 inch steam flow meter, 3” steam flow sensor , 4 inch or DN100 steam mass flow emter, 6 inch ,8 inch or 10” vortex mass flow mmeter.l,etc;
  • Steam pressure can be 1.6 Mpa, 2.5Mpa, PN40, JIS 10K, 20K, 150psi, 300LB.,etc
  • Vortex flow meter can be used to measure steam temperature max to 350°C, high temperature steam flowmeter for saturated steam or over heated steam.
  • Stainless steel flow meter for steam mass flow measurement;
  • Mass steam flow meter accuracy is ±1.5%.
  • Steam flow totalizer can display steam mass flow rate, steam total flow, steam temperature and pressure information.
  • Steam flow rate flow units can be kg/h or t/h.
  • Vortex steam flow meter digital type, Working power supply 24V DC power supply, suitable for 4-20MA, pulse, RS485;
  • Battery powered vortex flow meter for steam measurement can work stably for at least 3 years without battery replacement, suitable for field applications without power supply.
  • Vortex flow converters option with HART protocol, if you want to buy that flow meter, please tell vortex flow meter factory in advance.
  • The pressure loss for vapor coefficient Cd≤2.4
  • When installing the vortex flowmeter, avoid strong electromagnetic interference, high frequency interference, strong switching power supply and other equipment.
  • Steam flow meter price varies according to a lot factors, such as brand, steam sensor size, 1” steam flow meter, 2”, 3”, DN80, 4 inches. 8 inch steam flow meters price are different. The steam flow meters cost starts from $400, email us to get accurate and low steam price:
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