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Jacketed mass flowmeter

Jacketed mass flowmeter

What is jacketed mass flowmeter ?

Jacketed mass flow meter refer to the Coriolis mass flow meter with thermal jacket, the jacket can be injected steam, hot water, heat transfer oil or other heat preservation or cold insulation media. The main function of the insulation jacket is to maintain the fluids temperature in the mass flow meter tube to ensure its normal operation.

What is Coriolis mass flow meter?

If the fluid of a straight -line motion is also doing rotation, then there will be a force (Coriolis ) that is proportional to mass flow in this system.SH-CMF Coriolis mass flowmeter made based on this principle is called Coriolis Flow meter (CMF), it is a direct mass flow metering instrument.
In 1970, the first Coriolis Mass Flow Meter was used in the industry, and then in continuous technical upgrades and improvements, this Coriolis flowmeter became more and more popular. In 1984 U shape Coriolis mass flowmeter was put into the market. At present, Coriolis flowmeter has played an important role in almost every industry.
SH-CMF Coriolis mass flow meter is generally composed of mass flow sensors and flow transmitters. The flowmeter transmitter is an electronic system that provides the driving force to the sensor. The micro processing is the core of the electronic system. It converts the sensor signal into a mass flow signal, temperature, density and other signal outputs, making the flowmeter a particularly excellent instrument. To accurately measure the fluid the quality flow instead of volume flow.

Why need jacketed Coriolis mass flow meter?

Coriolis mass flow meter is perfect to measure high viscosity liquid mass flow, but when take mass flow measurement of viscous liquid or easy crystalline liquid, such as resin, asphalt, sulfur, liquid wax, glue, heavy oil, rubber, paint, polyurethane, polyester, polyimide, ethylene and urea fertilizer, sulfur, crude oil, dyes, coatings, lubricants, polyols, food, drugs, adhesive, paraffin, etc. the whole pipeline may have thermal insulation to keep needed temperature,
To prevent the crystallization or solidification of the medium, external heat jacket Coriolis mass flow meter is used in such as polyester, ethylene and urea fertilizer. Coriolis flow meter manufacture often welds a metal jacket can be used to inject steam, hot water, heat conductive oil, or other thermal insulation and cold medium, such as steam jacketed mass flow meter, thermal hot oil jacketed mass flow meter, electronic jacketed mass flow meter (externally heated measuring loop), The main function of the insulation is to maintain the medium temperature in the flowmeter to ensure that it can work normally.
The role of the thermal jacket is used to maintain the temperature of the medium inside the mass flow meter. For example, the medium that needs to maintain the appropriate temperature such as low temperature is easy to crystallize; or the thermal jacket is to cool down.
Thermal jacket flow meter is an effectively solution to reduce the loss of pipeline intermediary calories. Jacketed coriolis flow meter is currently widely applicable to the system pipelines of chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industries. Silver Automation Instruments offer low price Coriolis mass flow meter.

Features and specifications of jacketed mass flow meter

Jacketed Coriolis flowmeter is a direct measurement of mass flow device, it has very obvious advantages:
  • 1) Jacketed mass Coriolis meter measures wide range tough fluids still with high measurement accuracy, such as pitch, heavy oil, glue, honey, etc.
  • 2) Jacketed mass flowmeter can be used as high temperature mass flow meter; the max temperature can be 350°C, 662 °F high temperature mass flow meter.
  • 3) Coriolis mass flow meter can be made into cryogenic flow meter, the ultra-low temperature can be made into -200°C, liquid oxygen flow meter, liquid nitrogen flow meter;
  • 4) The vibration amplitude of the measurement tube of the Coriolis flow sensor is small, and there are no moving parts or obstacles in the measurement tube, so the jacketed mass flow meter can work for long time.
  • 5) Jacketed Coriolis flow meter measurement does not have high requirements on the measured fluid, such as density, viscosity. At the same time, multiple parameters can be measured during measurement, such as the measurement density, concentration, mass flow, total flow, temperature., etc.
  • 6) Thermal insulation jacketed is with DN15 (1/2”) flange to inject steam, hot water or thermal oil.
  • 7) Electronic heating jacket Coriolis mass flow meter with 4-20mA output, frequency output, pulse output MODBUS RS485, option with HART protocol;
  • 8) Power supply of Coriolis mass flow meter: 24 VDC or 220V AC;
  • 9) Coriolis mass flow meter can be made into many kinds pressure type flow meter, such as 100psi, 300 psi 600Lbs,900 #, 1500psi, 3000 psi,7500 PSI, 10000 psi , 64 bar , 100 bar, 25Mpa, 40 Mpa,etc.
  • 10) Jacketed mass flow meter size and corresponding flow range
3mm mass flow meter, 1/8”, 0~88 lb/h;
6mm Coriolis flow meter, 1/4 inch, 0-100 kg/hr;
8mm Coriolis flow transmitter,  0-3333 kg/min
DN10 Coriolis mass flow meter, 3/8”,  0-500 kg per hour
1/2” jacketed mass flow meter, DN15, 0-1 tonne/hr
3/4 inch steamed jacketed mass meter: 0-110 lb/min;
1 inch mass flow meter with external heat jacket, DN25 Coriolis mass flow meter,  0-10 t/h;
DN40, 1- 1/2” mass flow meter, 0-735 lbs/min;
2” mass flow meter, DN50, flow range : 0-30 t/h;
2 -1/2 inch mass flow meter Coriolis, DN65, 0-50 ton/h
3 “ jacked mass flow meter, DN80,  0-100 t/h
4” external jacketed mass flow meter, DN100 mass flow meter, 2.5 t/min;
5 inch mass flow meter, DN125 Coriolis mass meter, 0-56 kg/s
6” mass flow meter, DN150 Coriolis mass flow meter,  max mass flow 400 ton per hour
8 inch Coriolis mass flow meter, DN200 , max flow 500 t/h;
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