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S type thermocouple

S type thermocouple

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S-type (platinum-rhodium) thermocouple belongs to the class of noble metal thermocouples. The metals include platinum and rhodium with a percentage of 10% platinum. Their accuracy and stability are high but used only in industries because of the high costs. This thermocouple finds its application mostly in biotech and pharmaceutical industries where high range temperature measurement is the requirement. Their standard accuracy is .25% whereas the risk factor is as low as 0.1% only.

The S-type thermocouple has the highest measurement accuracy when the normal long-term use temperature is about 800 ~ 1300 ° C, and the temperature measurement accuracy within 800 ° C is not good, and the long-term use temperature is more than 1300 ° C is easy to damage the thermocouple. Max operating temperature of platinum-rhodium thermocouple) is 1600 ° C, but it cannot be used in long time.

The S-type (platinum-rhodium thermocouple) series has the highest accuracy, the best stability, the wide temperature range and long service life among the thermocouple series. Its physical and chemical properties are good, thermoelectric potential stability and oxidation resistance at high temperature are good, it is suitable for oxidizing and inert atmosphere. S-type thermocouples are a category of precious metal thermocouples. S type thermocouple is normally used in high temperature applications such as coking plants and steel mills.

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