Flow Meter

We are China industrial flow meters supplier. As we all know flow meter is a kind of device to measure the amount of medium pass through the flow sensor, according to the medium, we can classify we supplied flow meters into liquid flow meter, gas flow meter and steam flow meters.

Flow sensors (flow transducer) and flow transmitters are the primary devices of the flow meters. Flow transducer senses the medium pass through the flow meter sensor and flow transmitter generates a kind of stable flow signal from the raw flow transducer signals. Some customers need analog flow meter which produces 4-20mA signals, or pulse flow meter, China flow meter manufacturers can meet the customers’ technical specifications, and most of the flow instruments we supplied is totalizing flow meter which can not only display instant flow but also totalized flow. We have different size flow meters ,such as 1 inch flowmeter, 2 inch flow meter,3 inch flow meter, 4 inch flow meter, 6 inch flow meter, 8 inch flow meter,we can make max DN2000 magnetic flow meters.

We are especially good at selection of flow meter types. One specific flowmeter cannot meet all the applications; custom flow meters are manufactured according to different industrial applications. We generally sort flow meters as below based on the technique of measurements.

volume flow meter types

Mass Flow meters
If you want to buy China factory flow meter, and need different kinds technical specifications, such as ,hot water meter, hygienic flow meter, cheap air and gas flow meter sensor, we can all meet your demands, and welcome to send inquiry to us, we will choose proper type meters for your specific applications. Each flow meter is unique on for you, China flow meter is not only good price, but also great service and amazing delivery time.

  • Turbine Flow meter
    Turbine Flow meter

    Turbine flow meters are volumetric in-line sensor to detect gas or liquid flow rate; it detects low to middle flow rate, clean, low corrosive and viscosity flui...

  • Magnetic flow meter
    Magnetic flow meter

    Magnetic flow meter provides many obvious merits over traditional flow measurement and instrumentation in wide applications. It take measurement of conductive l...

  • Coriolis mass flow meter
    Coriolis mass flow meter

    Coriolis mass flow meter has many obvious merits and has been successfully used in a lot crucial flow metering applications. It is operated on Coriolis effect p...

  • Metal tube variable area flow meter/Rotameter
    Metal tube variable area flow meter/Rotameter

    Metal tube rotameter is a kind variable area flow meter; it is rugged also versatile in many fluids volumetric flow measurement applications, such as liquid, ai...

  • Thermal mass flow meter
    Thermal mass flow meter

    We supply inline or insertion probe thermal dispersion flow meter for gas or air measurement. It is a perfect solution for gas or air measurement from small pip...

  • Vortex shedding flow meter
    Vortex shedding flow meter

    STLU Series vortex flowmeter is a very versatile flow meter that can be used for flow metering, measurement and control of virtually all gases, liquids and vapo...

  • Oval gear flow meter
    Oval gear flow meter

    LC series oval gear flowmeter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter (PD flow meter); it is also a kind of in-line volumetric flow meter. Its measuring f...

  • Helical gear flow meters
    Helical gear flow meters

    Helical gear flow meters are typical volumetric flow measuring instruments which directly measure the quantity of flowing liquid by means of a couple of rotors....