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Digital flow meters for Water

Anytime there is a discussion on the best digital flow meter for water we often recommend ultrasonic flow meter, vortex flow meter, turbine flow meters, and electromagnetic flow meter. All these digital flow meters are cost-effective and they're reliable because of their efficiency. Therefore in this article, I will highlight these digital flow meters to help you in deciding on which to purchase.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters for water flow measurements

magnetic water flow meter

Electromagnetic flow meters are very essential in monitoring the control system in treatment plants homes and another industrial control process
In this case, the electromagnetic method is fit for liquid flow measurement because it does not restrict the flow of the medium under measurement. The electromagnetic method measures the temperature, viscosity, pressure of the liquid. Therefore all SHD mag meter display total and instant flow which are the key parameters that can be configured in the display.
The following are features of Electromagnetic flow meter.:
-It has a standard with 4-20 mA analog output and pulse output flow meter.
-It has GPM water flow meter, liter/hour, m3/h displays which shows the information of fluid flow.
-It provides options with Hart protocol, Profibus DP communication, and RS485.
-There are no moving parts inside the mag flow sensor
-Low cost electronic for the water line flow meter.
-It can be used for the digital irrigation flow meter because of its 2000 mm mag sensor size.
-The following are various mag flow sensors that are available 12 inches,8 inches,2 inches,1 inch. It can also be made into large size digital flow meter.
Electromagnetic flow meters are beneficial because it lacks moving parts. The sensors which are installed in its pipeline do not obstruct the flow of the fluid which is being measured. The absence of these moving parts implies that there will be little or no maintenance requirements.

Turbine Flowmeters for water flow measurements

turbine flow meter for water

Turbine flow meters are SLW series which has proven to be an economical flowmeter choice. Therefore it can measure only clean water which has no solids. This type of flow meter measures water with low conductivity such as pure water, condensate water, DI water meter, and RO (Reverse osmosis)water meter.

The following are Features of the Turbine flow meter.
-It is a digital flow meter that has an output of 4-20 MA and it is capable of having RS485 communication.
-It can show fluids information because it has an electronic display.
-It has a 24 V DC power supply or an option for battery power.
-It can handle a Max temperature range of 150c.
-It is an affordable flow meter that is designed as a simple pulse out meter.
-Parameters such as set flow meter, set flow units, clear the total flow is visible in its electronic display.
Turbine Flowmeters can be a great option because it is usable for a wide range of applications, suitable for liquids and gases, it is easy to set up and operate, it is economical to buy and it is precise and highly accurate.

Vortex shedding flowmeter for water measurements devices

vortex water flow meter
Well, the vortex flowmeter can measure liquids, steam, and gases. It has a digital versatile sensor that can make precise water measurements. Additionally, it can also be used as an electronic water flow meter.
The following are Features of Vortex Flowmeters.
-It has a digital display that can show information on instant flow, total flow.
-It is a stainless steel flow meter.
-It can handle a maximum temperature range of 350C.
-There is various process connection such as tri-clamp for sanitary and hygienic industry, flange and wafer.
-It has an option of HART and RS485 communication.
-It has a 24 DC power supply.
-It is also a 2-wire electronic water flow meter.
The vortex flow meter is also ideal for its long term accuracy. Maintenance is not much required because there are no moving parts. Its temperature range is also impressive hence being reliable. Additionally, the installation cost is also cheaper.


Digital flow meters are very reliable best on the functionality. It is perfectly used for water measurements and monitoring. All you need to do is to familiarise yourself with digital flow water meter prices as well as quality to enable you to identify which is quite stable and reliable so that when you purchase one you will be sure to have the best digital flow meter for water measurements.

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