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Digital produce water flow meter

produce water flow meter
Flow meter: type turbine flow meter
Service: produce water
Size/connection : 4 in / RF flange produce water flow meter
Range :100 - 800 gpm,
Material body  : 316 ss or equal,
Flow rate: min 150 gpm, normal 400 gpm, max 530 gpm,
Pressure operating : 100 psig,
Design: 230 psig,
Temperature operating : 180 degree f, design 250 degree f,
Max pressure drop :5 psig,
Fluid operating specific gravity : 0.961,
Fluid operating viscosity  : 0.33,
Flow meter element :meter type rotor,
Connection size :inlet 4 inch, outlet 4 inch,
Connection type inlet RF flange, outlet RF flange,
Body rating ANSI 150#, accuracy +/- 0.5%,
Repeatability +/- 0.05%,
Material rotor :316 SST, shaft flow meter manufacture standard,
Bearing type : ball bearing, bearing material 316 sst
Pick up type:  magnetic,
Function : direct reading flow rate with LCD display & totalize,
Direct mounting,
Power supply : 24 VDC
Totalizer type LCD display c/w selectable unit & reset capability,
LCD display : 2 lines (rows), minimum 6 digits per line,
Output: 4~2-mA
Communication: MODBUS RTU
Surge protector: yes,
Preset counter :yes,
Area classification class 1, div 2, group d,
Weather protection: NEMA 4x, note 1.
Vendor provides stainless steel tag plate stamped permanently attached to the flow measuring instrument.
Vendor provides calibration certificate, certificate of conformance, and certificate of origin.
Vendor provides threaded plug for unused electrical ports.

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