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Flow Meter

1 inch hydrogen (gas) flow meter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for h2

Flow meter sensor

  • Flow meter type : coriolis
  • Function: to measure online mass flow
  • Process connection flanges as per ANSI B16.5
  • Flange size/rating: 1 inch/300#
  • Flange material: SS 316 or better
  • Design: fully welded
  • Body material: sensor mounting material SS 304 or better
  • Wetted part material: Stainless steel 316
  • Enclosure: ip65 and ex-proof in zone-1, group IIc, t6 or better
  • C-c distance: 410 mm (approx.)

H2 gas flow meter transmitter

  • Output: 4-20 mA, frequency
  • Multivariable measurement: : Mass flow, temperature, density
  • Intrinsically safe for zone-1, group iic, t6, load driving capability = 600 ohm
  • Power supply:220V AC , 50hz
  • Electrical connection:3/4" NPT (F)/1/2" NPT (F) bottom or horizontal entry . 
  • All cable glands ( SS with nickel plated) to be supplied by the vendor
  • Enclosure: IP 65 and ex-proof in zone-1, group iic, t6 or better
  • Local display: LCD or LED type with display of process parameters and configuration parameters with suitable engineering units
  • Accuracy mass: - ±0.2 % of flow rate or better
  • Type : remote type Coriolis transmitter
  • Special cable: 10 mts from sensor to transmitter
  • Repeatability mass:- 0.025% of flow rate or better
  • Damping adjustable 0 to 30 seconds
  • Facility for zero calibration 
  • Parameterization: Can be configured by HART communicator or through buttons on the display .no proprietary protocol shall be acceptable
  • Automatic pressure & temperature compensation 
  • Scale range: 0-10000 kg/h

Accessories and certificates

  • Mounting bracket: vendor to provide bracket suitable for mounting of transmitter in 2 in yoke pipe
  • Vendor to provide armored cable along with cable gland for interconnection between sensor and
  • Interconnection table transmitter. The cable is armored type suitable for the area classification specified.
  • The mass flow meter is calibrated from factory calibration. Vendor will provide the calibration certificate of mass flow and temperature.

Process parameter of hydrogen (gas)

  • Pressure (nor/max.): 22.3/30 kg/cm2
  • Temperature (nor/max.): 40/60deg c
  • Hydrogen molecular weight: 2.03 kg/m3
  • Operating viscosity: 0.01 cp
  • Flow: 0~10000kg/h
  • Maximum allowable pressure : 0.3 kg/cm2 drop
  • Line size 1  inch, schedule = 25mm
Silver Automation Instruments clearly mention the make and model of the offered mass flow meter and submit the technical catalogues of the offered Coriolis meter. Click below for more information about Coriolis flow meter.

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