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Fuel Level Sensor/Oil Level Transmitter

The principle of capacitive flue level sensor is the linear change of the capacitance generated by the entered liquid medium between positive and negative electrodes -- the capacitance change (the change of liquid level) is then converted into standard electrical signal. The core components of the product are highly integrated, exclusive capacitance measurement chips. Through accurate temperature compensation and linearity correction, they are characterized by high independence, high accuracy, high stability and high continuity.

The capacitive fuel level sensor outputs the linear change of the liquid level, utilizing the change rule of the capacitance formed between electrodes and containers. The level of the liquid can be directly displayed or transmitted to the remote monitoring system via wireless transmission. The sensor does not need to be reset when the medium or the installation environment changes, for it can automatically adapt and remain unaffected to the dielectric constant and temperature change.

At the same time, the fuel level sensor can continuously detect the level, with the resolution rate less than 1 mm. The length can be truncated to adjust the height of the tank. And it is easy to install with no additional screw needed for fixation. With wide voltage input, it is not limited by voltage in various situations.


  • Can be arbitrarily truncated according to the tank height.
  • Being an integrated product, it needs no elastic components and supports multiple methods for signal output.
  • The touch-tone type calibration is convenient and quick.
  • Wide voltage input.
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