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Positive displacement flow meter

Positive displacement flow meter

A positive displacement flow meter is a device that helps in measuring the flow rate of various fluids. It measures the volumetric flow rates of the fluids. These volumetric flow meters are directly displaced by the fluid force and they in return measure the flow velocity. Due to multiple functions these devices are used widely in different industries, positive displacement flow meter types including oval gear flowmeter, gear flow meter, helical gear flow meter,bi rotor flowmeter.,etc

Working principal of PD flow meter

The posotive displacmenet flow meter is made up of a big chamber. A couple of rotors are installed within this chamber that are the key factors in measurement. Lastly, sensors are also part of the manufacturing that help in calculations. As the name indicates, PD flow meters are directly forced by fluid flow. When the device is installed, the flowing fluid moves through it. The force of fluid movement causes the rotation of the gears or rotors of the device. With each rotation, the sensor emits a specific signal. This signal corresponds with the rotation of the gears. The signal is then received by an indicator that also calculated the flow rate in volumes. Thus the more is the fluid velocity, the greater will be the displacement and the greater will be the value of flow rate.

Positive displacement flow meter applications

The flow meter can measure intermittent flows, very low flow rates, and liquids of almost any viscosity. Flow sensors especially are useful for applications involving the measurement of small and very small volumes, high viscosity fluids. Such as used for chemicals solution in petrochemical industrial, lubrication Oil blending, alcohol, solvents, honey , mercury condensate, heavy oil, Batching and Mixing, batch control, hydraulic test stands ,glue, viscous bitumen, diesel, hydrocarbons, paints, corrosive acid, corn syrup ,Natural gas plants also use this meter for liquefied gas dispensing.

Positive displacement flow meter price

PD flow meter price is determined by many factors, such as positive displacement flow meter types, PD flow meters sizes , flow meter material, flow meters functions, whether need mechanical flow meter or also need flow transmitter with 4-20mA analog output or pulse output, whether need electronic flow meter . However Silver Automation Instruments sell low priced positive displacement flowmeters with very fast delivery time. Because we offer flow meter directly from China positive displacement flow meter manufacturers.

Positive displacement flow meter advantages

PD meters possess a number of distinct advantages due to their simple and precise action properties. These may include
·         1- The PD flowmeter character enables ease of installation. It does not require a straight pipe works for installation. This factor favors its wide use.
·         2- As they work mechanically they do not need a high power supply for working. This saving of power resources is the aim of almost all industries. Howerver it can still have electronic flow meter options with transmitters has pulser or 4-20mA output.
·         3- They range greatly in their sizes and thus different industries can use varying sizes that fit their operations. This range lies between 2mm to 10 inches. We sell 1” positive displacement flow meter, 2 inch, 4”, 6” , 8 inches, 10 inches positive displacement flow meter. you can also buy low flow micro positive displacement flow meter from us.
·         4- Accuracy of measurements is another one of their distinctive features. It is the flow sensor that works directly with fluids. Moreover the bypass and slippage through the gears are very low. The risk loss is also less than 0.5. All this increases their accuracy in measurements, it is high accuracy flowmeter.
·         5- A wide range of fluids with varying characters, viscosities, and velocities are applicable for measurements. These fluids may include resin, bitumen, fuels, oils, chemicals, and other fluid types. It is a perfect choice for high viscosity fluids flow rate measurement.
·         6- This device comes up in two forms i.e mechanical and electrical forms. Both these types are used in different industries based on their benefits. Positive displacement flow meter with flow transmitters also with digital display to show passing liquid instant flow and total flow.
·         7- Low maintenance requirement is another one of its advantages.
·         8- The device can measure in worse or hard conditions such as high pressure. Some degree of temperature is also withstood able with this device. It is robust flow meter to bear high temperature and high pressure .High pressure positive displacement flow meter is often requested.
·         9 – A lot material solutions: stainless steel 304, 316 or 316L, Teflon, cast iron , aluminum ,cast steel for positive displacement flow meter sensor to meet different applications, including aggressive liquid, such as H2SO4, HCL, acid and caustic chemicals, phosphoric acid

LC-M series positive displacement flow meter-bulk flow meter for fuel ,oil, LPG.,etc

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