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Oval Gear Flow Meter for Diesel Oil Flow Measurement

Oval Gear Flow meter
Oval Gear Flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter, it can measure varies kinds of oil, such as diesel oil, vegetable oil, edible oil, palm oil, gasoline, heavy oil.

Silver Automation Instruments is a China oval flow meter supplier; it can manufacture different size oval flow meters (max to DN200,8 inch oval flow meter ) with different materials available, such as cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316.

Oval gear positive displacement flow meters are widely used in factory, custody transfer, and marine industry and so on.  It is a kind of traditional flow meters with mechanical registers and possible with return-to-zero totalizer. However, we now can product digital oval gear type flow meter with digital display, 4-20mA analog output or pulse output, RS485 MODBUS RTU communication and even HART PROTOCOL.

Below is a very typical case which oval gear flow meter used to measure diesel oil,

Let’s see detailed technical specifications:

Diesel Oil Oval Gear Flow meter Inquiry

We have an inquiry regarding oval gear flowmeter. Kindly see below specs and send your best offer asap.

Oval Gear Flowmeter

Measuring medium: Diesel Oil

Flow range: 0.6-5m3/hr

Nominal pressure: 221psi

Process connection size: 40mm

Material of Housing: Cast Iron

Material of Main Body Over: Cast Iron

Material of Rotor and Chamber: Cast iron

Process temperature: -20…+80degC

Viscosity range: 0.8~400 mPa.s

ProcessConnection flange: ASME 150lb

Signal output: None, only mechanical type, because we have not power there to supply electricity.

Accuracy: +/-0.5% of reading accuracy

Oval Gear flow meterRegister: local mechanical register

Operational Temperature range: -40~+70degC

Oval flow meterDisplay Unit: Liter

Indicator: Mechanical pointer, 6 digits totaliser, we also request return to zero oval gear flow meter.

Can you also provide estimate gross weight for above type oval gear meter? Because we know it is really heavy, we need the weight to calculate the shipping cost.

Thanks in advance, if you need any other technical parameters, feel free to contact us.


Hi, thanks for your info. After checking all the specifications, we think our LC-40 oval flow meter can work for your job, see below detailed model selection:

Oval gear flow meter


LC-Silver LC Series Oval gear flow meter

N-High viscosity type oval gear flow meter) viscosity over 200mPa.s

40-Flow meter size 40mm

.2/-Operation pressure: 1.6Mpa

A6-Mechanical display,6 digits totalize ,return to zero register.

Gross weight after packing : 28 kg /pc

Delivery time :7-10 working days after payment received

Catalog: Oval Gear Flowmeter

If you want to know the price of oval gear flow meter manufactures in China, welcome to send email to us

Also due to heavy oval gear flow meter, many customers now choose liquid turbine flow meters which is more lighter than oval type flow meter, it can also work for a lots of oil flow measurement, however liquid turbine flow meter can only work for some low viscosity and clean oil. But oval flow meter can work for the viscosity max to 2000 mPas.

For more complicated applications, such as bitumen flow measurement, customers can go to coriolis mass flow meters.

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