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Liquid Sodium level transmitter

Liquid Sodium level transmitter

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High Temperature Guided wave RADAR level transmitter for continuous Liquid sodium measurement in stainless steel tanks.

Fluid/phase: Liquid Sodium
Normal temperature: 30℃
Maximum temperature (very high ): 400℃
Rod length:2m
Rod material :SS316L
Housing Aluminium
Cable entry:1/2”NPT
Enclosure Protection :IP 67
Power supply available at site: 24V±5V DC
Output signal SMART 2 wire,4-20mA/HART. Same two wires will be used for providing excitation
Process connection: Thread
Accuracy:±3mm or better
Resolution: ±1mm or better

This is sample for high temperature liquid sodium level measurement, if you have your dedicated application; please send email to us to get the proper type radar level transmitter,
More technical specifications about guided wave radar level meter, please click below:

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