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  • 8 inch Variable area flowmeter8 inch Variable area flowmeter2021/07/238 inch variable area flow meter refers to the flow sensor size 8” of variable area flow meter , or it is DN200 variable area flow meter ; we also call variable area flow meter as rotor meter, VA flow...view
  • Formation water level transmitterFormation water level transmitter2021/07/22Why need formation water level measurementFormation water, condensate refers to the general term for edge water and bottom water at the edges and bottom of the reservoir, interlayer water, and bound w...view
  • Electromagnetic flow meter 2”Electromagnetic flow meter 2”2021/07/20What is electromagnetic flow meter 2” ?Electromagnetic flow meter 2” is 2 inch size electromagnetic flow meter that is also means DN50 magnetic flow meter. The electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) is a f...view
  • Turbine digital diesel fuel flow meterTurbine digital diesel fuel flow meter2021/07/14Turbine flowmeter measures continuous and discontinuous liquid flow. Such as diesel, gasoline, methanol, kerosene, water, tap water, light refined oil, milk and other liquids. SLW series digital turbi...view
  • GWR level transmitterGWR level transmitter2021/07/07GWR level transmitter working principleGuided wave radar level transmitter uses guided wave radar (GWR) technology.The working principle of the GWR level transmitter is based on the time travel princi...view
  • 10 inch electromagnetic flow meter10 inch electromagnetic flow meter2021/06/16What is 10” electromagnetic flow meter principle?10” means DN250 flow sensor size, 10 inch eletromagnetic flow meters (EMF) have been used for continuous liquid flow measurement in industrial applic...view
  • Positive displacement flow meter for fuels and oilsPositive displacement flow meter for fuels and oils2021/06/04Why positive displacement flow meters can be used for fuels and oils?Fuels or oils volumetric flow measurement refers to diesel, petroleum based fuels, kerosene, home heating oil, jet fuel, diesel fue...view
  • 8” Electromagnetic flow meter8” Electromagnetic flow meter2021/06/01What is 8 inch magnetic flow meter?8 inch magnetic flow meter means mag flow sensor is 8 inches ( DN200).The principle of 8 inch magnetic type flow meter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic i...view
  • 2“ flow meter2“ flow meter2021/05/232 inch magnetic flow meterOverviewElectromagnetic flowmeter is a type flow measuring instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s. Full bore mag me...view
  • Xylene flow meterXylene flow meter2021/05/19Why need to measure xylene flow rate?Xylene(C8H10) is an organic compound. It is a colorless and transparent liquid and is miscible with absolute ethanol, chloroform, ether and many other organic solv...view
  • 10” flow meter10” flow meter2021/05/14What is 10" flow meter ?10” flow meter is 10 inch flow meter, which is 250mm flow sensor; it is large size inline flow meter.Customers buy 10" flowmeters and want to use them for measuring sewage, mu...view
  • Liquid level transmitterLiquid level transmitter2021/05/11What is liquid level transmitter?Liquid level transmitter is the development of pressure transmitter technology. Liquid level transmitter can be used to measure water, oil, fuel, gasoline, heavy oil, ...view
  • Rotameter flow meter with heating jacketRotameter flow meter with heating jacket2021/04/15What is Rotameter flow meter with heating jacket ?A heating medium such as steam, hot water or hot oil can be passed into the jacket to heat the fluids passing the variable area flow meter, or a cooli...view
  • 1 inch Coriolis flow meter1 inch Coriolis flow meter2021/04/11What is 1 inch Coriolis flow meter &principle1 inch Coriolis flow meter means DN25sensor size Coriolis mass flowmeter. The 1” mass flow meter is a measuring devicethat directly measures liquid ma...view
  • Herbicide Flow meterHerbicide Flow meter2021/04/01Why need Herbicides and pesticides flow meters?Herbicide refers a kind of chemical that can kill weeds completely or selectively, and are used to destroy or inhibit plant growth. Herbicides containing...view