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  • Digital rotameter flow meterDigital rotameter flow meter2022/01/27What is Digital rotameter flow meterThe rotameter and Digital rotameter flow meter are one of the most commonly used instruments for measuring the instantaneous flow of clean fluids such as liquids an...view
  • Low flow oil flow meterLow flow oil flow meter2021/12/26What flow meter can be used for oil low flow rate?Gear flow meter is a kind of inline digital low flow oil flow meter. The oil min flow it can measure is 0.6-50 Liter/h (0.01-0.833 L/min), it is very ...view
  • Flow meter for water with solidsFlow meter for water with solids2021/12/14Flow meter for water with solids is the slurry , pulp or mud, the flow rate measurement can be a tough job for flow meter like turbine flow meter, rotameter, positive displacement flow meter .,etc. Si...view
  • Horizontal variable area flow meterHorizontal variable area flow meter2021/12/08What is Horizontal variable area flow meter?Horizontal variable area flow meter is a flow measuring instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. Horizontal rotameter can be used ...view
  • Ultrasonic sensor for water level measurementUltrasonic sensor for water level measurement2021/11/09The wastewater and the water industry has many requirements to measure the level of water in many kinds of applications such as weirs, pipes, basins, wells, cooling towers, tanks and flumes. And the m...view
  • Crotonic acid flow meterCrotonic acid flow meter2021/11/03Why need crotonic acid flow meter?Crotonic acid (C4H6O2) which is fumaric acid is dissolved in ethanol, ether and acetone, and converted to cis-crotonic acid in toluene solution. It has a wide range ...view
  • Ozone gas flow meterOzone gas flow meter2021/10/26Why need Ozone gas flow meter ?Ozone gas, the chemical formula is O3, ozone gas will be oxidized by oxygen to oxygen, so the gas flow measurement environment is vacuum. The flow rate of ozone in the e...view
  • What is magnetic flow meter and its usesWhat is magnetic flow meter and its uses2021/10/22What is magnetic flow meter?Magnetic flowmeter is an automatic measuring instrument for conductive liquid flow measurement. Electromagnetic flow meter is mainly used to measure the liquid instant flow...view
  • Hydrogen peroxide Flow meterHydrogen peroxide Flow meter2021/10/21What is Hydrogen peroxide Flow meter?Hydrogen peroxide Flow meter is a kind of flow meter device to measure the flow rate of passing Hydrogen peroxide in the closed pipeline. Gear flow meter is a kind...view
  • 4 inch steam flow meter4 inch steam flow meter2021/10/04What is 4 inch steam flow meter ?4 inch steam flow meters means the 4 inch dia flow meter to measure steam flow rate, normally it is steam mass flow rate , the flow unit normally be kg/h or Ton/Hr. 4 ...view
  • Sodium Hypochlorite pressure gaugeSodium Hypochlorite pressure gauge2021/09/27Why need Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) pressuremeasurement?Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is an inorganicsubstance .It is a kind of hypochlorite and is the most common"chlorine" bleach in household washing...view
  • Low volume flow meterLow volume flow meter2021/09/20Low volume fuel flow meter Low volume fuel flow meters is used to measure fuel consumption in the fuel monitoring system of vehicles, marine ,vessel, engines, generators, boiler, automotive, stationar...view
  • 6 inch gas flow meter6 inch gas flow meter2021/09/16What is 6 inch gas flow meter?6 inch gas flow meter, which means that the flow meter sensor diameter size is 6" or DN150, this kind of flow measurement device can measure gas mass flow, volumetric flo...view
  • Coriolis Flow meter with heat jacketCoriolis Flow meter with heat jacket2021/09/01Why we need Coriolis flow meter with insulation heat jacket?Heat jacket Coriolis flow meter can be used in applications where liquid is with high viscosity, or easy to solidify, or the whole process s...view
  • 6 inch water flow meter6 inch water flow meter2021/08/27What is 6 inch water flow meter?6” water flow meter refers to the size of the flow meter for measuring water consumption is 6 inches that is DN150. There are many type flow meters for measuring water...view Protection Status