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  • 10” flow meter10” flow meter2021/05/14What is 10" flow meter ?10” flow meter is 10 inch flow meter, which is 250mm flow sensor; it is large size inline flow meter.Customers buy 10" flowmeters and want to use them for measuring sewage, mu...view
  • Liquid level transmitterLiquid level transmitter2021/05/11What is liquid level transmitter?Liquid level transmitter is the development of pressure transmitter technology. Liquid level transmitter can be used to measure water, oil, fuel, gasoline, heavy oil, ...view
  • Rotameter flow meter with heating jacketRotameter flow meter with heating jacket2021/04/15What is Rotameter flow meter with heating jacket ?A heating medium such as steam, hot water or hot oil can be passed into the jacket to heat the fluids passing the variable area flow meter, or a cooli...view
  • 1 inch Coriolis flow meter1 inch Coriolis flow meter2021/04/11What is 1 inch Coriolis flow meter &principle1 inch Coriolis flow meter means DN25sensor size Coriolis mass flowmeter. The 1” mass flow meter is a measuring devicethat directly measures liquid ma...view
  • Herbicide Flow meterHerbicide Flow meter2021/04/01Why need Herbicides and pesticides flow meters?Herbicide refers a kind of chemical that can kill weeds completely or selectively, and are used to destroy or inhibit plant growth. Herbicides containing...view
  • 2 inch turbine flow meter2 inch turbine flow meter2021/03/30What are 2 inch turbine flow meters and applications?2 inch turbine flow meter refers to the turbine flow sensor with 50mm size. DN50 turbine flow meter can be used to take volumetric flow measurement...view
  • Toluene flow meterToluene flow meter2021/03/24Toluene flow measurement is neededToluene is a colorless and clear liquid. There is a benzene-like smell. Toluene is miscible with ethanol, ether, acetone, chloroform, carbon disulfide and glacial ace...view
  • DN200 Magnetic flow meterDN200 Magnetic flow meter2021/03/16What is DN200 Magnetic inductive flow meter? DN200 electromagnetic flow meter is 8 inch magnetic flow meter; it means the mag flow sensor size is 200mm or 8”. It is large size liquid flow meter. Magn...view
  • Low flow mass flow meterLow flow mass flow meter2021/03/09What is low flow mass flow meter?Low flow mass flow meter is a kind of mass flow meter which can measure fluids at ultra low flow rate. We have micro thermal mass flow meter for gas or air mass flow m...view
  • Cryogenic flow meterCryogenic flow meter2021/02/26Why need cryogenic flow meter? The science mainly studies the physical properties of substances under low temperature conditions, and sometimes includes products obtained at low temperatures and its m...view
  • High pressure Coriolis flow meter 4 inchHigh pressure Coriolis flow meter 4 inch2021/02/24Coriolis mass Flowmeter is a flowmeasurement device that uses the principle of Coriolis force that isproportional to the mass flow when fluid flows in a vibrating pipe to directlymeasure mass flow. Co...view
  • Biodiesel Flow meterBiodiesel Flow meter2021/02/22Why need biodiesel flow rate measurement?Biodiesel refers to vegetable oil (such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, etc.), animal oil (such as fish oil, lard, tallow, ...view
  • Fatty acid flow meterFatty acid flow meter2021/01/31Why need to measure fatty acid flow rate?Fatty acids are a kind of compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and are the main components of neutral fats, phospholipids and glycolipids. Lower...view
  • Pulse output flow metersPulse output flow meters2021/01/27Pulsed output flow meters can be integrated into measuring / dispensing systems. Pulse flow meter can be scaled pulse output or frequency output. It can use together with computer control systems such...view
  • Grease flow meterGrease flow meter2021/01/25Grease flow meter PrincipleGrease flow meter is kind of positive displacement flowmeter, the grease flow meter sensor uses a mechanical measuring element to continuously divide the liquid into a singl...view