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  • 4 inch steam flow meter4 inch steam flow meter2021/10/04What is 4 inch steam flow meter ?4 inch steam flow meters means the 4 inch dia flow meter to measure steam flow rate, normally it is steam mass flow rate , the flow unit normally be kg/h or Ton/Hr. 4 ...view
  • Sodium Hypochlorite pressure gaugeSodium Hypochlorite pressure gauge2021/09/27Why need Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) pressuremeasurement?Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is an inorganicsubstance .It is a kind of hypochlorite and is the most common"chlorine" bleach in household washing...view
  • Low volume flow meterLow volume flow meter2021/09/20Low volume fuel flow meter Low volume fuel flow meters is used to measure fuel consumption in the fuel monitoring system of vehicles, marine ,vessel, engines, generators, boiler, automotive, stationar...view
  • 6 inch gas flow meter6 inch gas flow meter2021/09/16What is 6 inch gas flow meter?6 inch gas flow meter, which means that the flow meter sensor diameter size is 6" or DN150, this kind of flow measurement device can measure gas mass flow, volumetric flo...view
  • Coriolis Flow meter with heat jacketCoriolis Flow meter with heat jacket2021/09/01Why we need Coriolis flow meter with insulation heat jacket?Heat jacket Coriolis flow meter can be used in applications where liquid is with high viscosity, or easy to solidify, or the whole process s...view
  • 6 inch water flow meter6 inch water flow meter2021/08/27What is 6 inch water flow meter?6” water flow meter refers to the size of the flow meter for measuring water consumption is 6 inches that is DN150. There are many type flow meters for measuring water...view
  • Flow meter for polymerFlow meter for polymer2021/08/23What is polymer flow meter?Polymer or Polymeric solution flow measurement for industry is not an easy job. Polymer flow meter could run at very low flow rate, such as within 100 LPH, polymer flow sens...view
  • Naphtha Flow MeterNaphtha Flow Meter2021/08/18Why need naphtha flow measurement?Naphtha is also known as chemical light oil and crude gasoline. Naphtha is a colorless liquid at normal temperature and pressure, and insoluble in water. A variety of...view
  • 1 inch magnetic flow meter1 inch magnetic flow meter2021/08/11What is 1"electromagnetic flow meter?I inch magnetic flowmeter refers to the sensor size of the electromagnetic flowmeter is 1 inch, 1”, DN25 or 25mm.How does a 1 inch mag meter work?1 inch magnetic ...view
  • 1 inch mass flow meter1 inch mass flow meter2021/08/071 inch mass flow meter refers to the mass flow meter sensor size 25mm (1 inch).How 1 inch mass flow meters work?I inch mass flowmeters work on the same way as thermal mass flow meter. Thermal gas mass...view
  • Gravity feed flow meterGravity feed flow meter2021/08/02What is gravity feed flow meter?Gravity feed flow meter means a kind of flow meter can run via gravity feed system without pump to push more pressure to run the fluids. This kind of flow measurement c...view
  • 8 inch Variable area flowmeter8 inch Variable area flowmeter2021/07/238 inch variable area flow meter refers to the flow sensor size 8” of variable area flow meter , or it is DN200 variable area flow meter ; we also call variable area flow meter as rotor meter, VA flow...view
  • Formation water level transmitterFormation water level transmitter2021/07/22Why need formation water level measurementFormation water, condensate refers to the general term for edge water and bottom water at the edges and bottom of the reservoir, interlayer water, and bound w...view
  • Electromagnetic flow meter 2”Electromagnetic flow meter 2”2021/07/20What is electromagnetic flow meter 2” ?Electromagnetic flow meter 2” is 2 inch size electromagnetic flow meter that is also means DN50 magnetic flow meter. The electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) is a f...view
  • Turbine digital diesel fuel flow meterTurbine digital diesel fuel flow meter2021/07/14Turbine flowmeter measures continuous and discontinuous liquid flow. Such as diesel, gasoline, methanol, kerosene, water, tap water, light refined oil, milk and other liquids. SLW series digital turbi...view