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Digital hot water flow meter

Hot water flow meters are very important for measuring the flow rate of water in heating systems. This is one of the main ways to measure the flow speed of hot water with precision and accuracy. There are many different types of water flow meters. Some of the most common types include electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter and vortex shedding flow meter. These three main meter types have unique features that set them apart from one another. This gives users many different options according to the hot water flow transmitters functions also users budgets.

Digital Electromagnetic Flow Meter for hot water

The magnetic flow meter is one of the best options for measuring water with a specific conductivity level. This is one of the most popular options when used with certain connectivity levels. Some of the main features of mag meter include maximum water temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius, an in-line hot water flow sensor and battery power supply. These are the top features of the electromagnetic flow meters. These are some of the main reasons as to why it is functional and effective at measuring the temperature of water in heating systems. Magnetic flow meter size available from DN10 to DN2000, normal request 2 inch magmeter, 4 inch mag meter,or 8 inch hot water flow meter. Digital hot water flow transmitters can be with 4-20mA output, pulse output, Modbus communication, Hart or Profibus-dp Protocol .Battery operated hot water mag meter option with GPRS or CDMA.
Features for mag meters for hot water flow measurement
Max hot water temperature: 180 degree C.
Magnetic flow meter size available from DN10 to DN2000, normal request 2 inch magmeter, 4 inch mag meter,or 8 inch hot water flow meter
In line type hot water flow sensor
Digital hot water meter with integral or remote type display
Digital flow meter to show instant flow or total flow
Liner material: PTFE (Teflon), PFA; electrodes material: stainless steel or other options.
Battery powered or 220Va or 24 VDC power supply
Modbus water flow meter
Profibus-DP hot water mag meter option

Turbine Flow Meter for hot water flow measurement

The turbine flow meter for hot water can measure soft water, demin water and RO water. These are the main types of water that work best with the turbine flow meter. The maximum hot water temperature of the turbine flow meter is 150 degrees Celsius. There are also different sized options for the turbine flow meter. The sizes range from small to large for different uses. This adds versatility to the turbine flow meter. The meter has high rates of accuracy and an overall low cost.
Features for turbine flow meter used as hot water flow instrumentation
It can measure soft water, RO water, demin water, condensate water and so on.
Max hot water temperature: 150 degree C
Different size options, such as min size for low flow turbine, or large size, 4 “turbine flow meter
MODBUS hot water turbine flow meter options
HART Protocol options for turbine meter
Hot water turbine flow sensor or turbine flow transmitter options
High accuracy and low cost digital hot water turbine flow meter

Vortex Flow Meter used as hot water flow meter

There are a few main benefits of the vortex flow meter. The vortex flow meter is different from its counterparts. There are many unique features of the vortex such as maximum temperature of 350 degrees Celsius. There are many different sizes available for the vortex flow meter as well. This is a similarity in comparison to the the turbine flow meter. The vortex flow meter has high rates of accuracy as well as repeatability. There is also a digital display for the vortex flow meter. There is also a high wafer connection when using the vortex flow meter, it is a kind low price cost digital hot water flow meters, can be used with wafer connection , flange connection , thread connection , can also have insertion style vortex flow meter sensor for large hot water pipelines.
Features of vortex flow meter for hot water
Max bear temperature 350°C
Size available: DN25 to DN500
Flow meter accuracy: ±1.0% and repeatability: ±0.33%
Digital display to show hot water instant flow and total flow
MOSBUS or Hart Protocol
Wafer connection or flange connection

Conclusion of Digital Hot Water Meters

Overall digital hot water meters are unique and innovative devices that help to measure the temperature of water. This is very important for optimal results. There are three main different options for digital hot water meters. Each type of meter has its own list of benefits. This is one of the best ways to ensure users have options when selecting which type of meter works best for them. It is important to ensure each device is quality and made to last. This is one of the best ways to ensure the hot water meters are accurate and reliable. Accuracy and reliability are two of the most important elements for successful results on a consistent basis.
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