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Solid Level Sensor/Powder level transmitter

Solid level sensors use solid electrolyte gas sensing materials to make gas sensor. The principle is that the gas sensing materials  produce ions when passing through the gas, thus forming the electromotive force, then measuring the electromotive force to measure the concentration of the gas.

Because of its high conductivity, high sensitivity and selectivity, this sensor has been widely used in many fields to measure YST-Au-WO3 of H2S, measuring NH+4CaCO3 of NH3 and so on, such as petrochemical, environmental protection, mining industry and so on, only sencond to the metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor. The development of new gas sensors, especially the development and improvement of intelligent gas sensing system, can play a role in alarm, detection, identification and intelligent decision-making in gas leakage accidents. It is very important to improve the efficiency and safety of gas leakage accidents handling to control the accident loss. Now, the research and development of gas sensors are very active, new gas sensing materials are constantly emerging, and the intelligence of gas sensors has also been developed. I believe that with the continuous efforts of relevant researchers, there will be a more mature intelligent gas sensing system, which will be more widely applied in the disposal of gas leakage accidents.

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