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High pressure Coriolis mass flow meter

High pressure Coriolis mass flow meter

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    Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

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Coriolis mass flow meter is a reliable flow meter for high pressure fluids measurement. The high pressure could reach to 70Mpa or even higher.
Coriolis mass flowmeter is characterized by its ability to directly measure the mass fluid. It not only has high accuracy, perfect repeatability and reliable stability, but also has no flow blocking elements and movable parts in the measuring tube. Therefore, Coriolis meter has good reliability and long service life, and can also measure the flow of high-viscosity fluid and high-pressure fluids. It becomes the mainstream flowmeter in the petrochemical industry for high pressure flow measurement applications.

Operating Principle of high pressure mass flowmeter

Coriolis mass flow meter is a direct mass flow meter made of Coriolis principle that the fluid is in a rotating system while moving in a straight line, which is proportional to the mass flow.

Applications to use high pressure flow meter

High pressure flow measurement is often needed in many application, for example: 152A, Iso butan,CO2 in liquid form in high pressure before injection into the extruder barrel or PS foam extruder ;chemical injection application; High pressure water injection where flow measurement is needed; well fluid, natural gas flow meter at high pressure ,such as at 1300PSI; compressed natural gas (CNG) flow meter, high pressure gas flow meter; LPG flow measurement at high pressure measurement, propane faction gas state at 63bar need flow instruments, high pressure gas mass flow meter; hydraulic oil flow metering at 2600 psi, high pressure hydraulic flow meters; medium crude oil flow meter at high pressure could reach to 25Mpa, Refrigerant flow meter at high pressure up to 320 bar ; high pressure oxygen flow meter; Gas nitrogen flow meter device at high pressure up to 3600 psi, high pressure nitrogen gas flow meter.

Benefits of Coriolis mass flowmeter

According to the working principle, compared with other flow meters, the mass flow meter high pressure has the following advantages.
(1) The metering accuracy is high (≤ 0.5%) and the stability is good, which truly realizes the high-precision direct mass flow measurement;
(2) The range ratio is high, generally reaching 20:1 to 50:1;
(3) It can measure a wide range of fluids, including all kinds of liquids with high viscosity, slurry containing solids, liquid containing trace gases, medium and high pressure gas with sufficient density. It is not necessary to set straight pipe sections upstream and downstream of the flowmeter;
(4) There are no movable parts in the detection tube and no parts that hinder the flow of fluid, which makes the flowmeter easier to maintain and has a longer service life;
(5) It is especially applicable to mass-based trade handover measurement.
(6) Direct measurement of mass flow, density and temperature, calculated Measurement of volumetric flow of high pressure mass flow meter


Of course, the mass flowmeter also has its inevitable disadvantages. The following points should be noted when selecting it:
(1) It cannot be used to measure gas with too low density;
(2) It is sensitive to external vibration interference, and the mass flowmeter has high requirements for installation and fixation;
(3) It cannot be used for large pipe diameter, and is currently limited to dial DN250mm (10” mass flow meter);
(4) Not cheap cost on high pressure flow meter

Technical Specifications of high pressure Coriolis mass flow meter

  • Mass flow metering at high pressure requirements ,such as 580 PSI, 900 PSI,63 bar, 100bar,52Mpa, 70Mpa, 1000-3500 lbs, 4600 psi, 7500 psi,10000 psi;
  • Various size: micro flow meter at high operation pressure, such as 3mm, 1/4 inch, dial DN8, 10mm,1/2” , or normal request size , such as 1 inch, 1.5”,2”, 2.5” , 3 inch, 4 inch high pressure flow meter, DN100 high pressure flow meter, 6 inch high pressure flow meter, 8 inch high pressure flow meter, DN200; 10” high pressure flow meter for gas or liquid;
  • Flow rate measured by high pressure flow meter: Flow meter for high pressure low flow rate 0~40 kg/h; 0~3.67 lbs/min, 0~440 lb/h, 0~ 500 kg/h ;0~1 t/h; 0~3 t/h, 0~2.8 kg/s, 0~12.2 lb/s, 0~0.5 t/min , up to max 500 ton/hr;
  • High pressure digital flow meter with electronic flow indicator to show fluids mass flow rate, density, temperature ,volume flow; also with 4-20mA, frequency output , pulse output, MODBUS RTU,RS485 communication or option with HART.
  • High pressure flow meter process connection: flange, RTJ flange, weld union, screws.,etc
  • High pressure mass flow meter has wide temperature range: from-200 degree C to 350°C, it can be made into high pressure cryogenic flowmeter or high pressure and high temperature flow meter;
  • Stainless steel high pressure flow meter: wet parts material: stainless steel 316L;
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