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High pressure turbine flow meter

High pressure turbine flow meter

Turbine flow meter is a volumetric flow rate measurement instrument that electronically measures the flow of fluids, Silver Instruments sell high pressure rating turbine meter under high pressure within 6500 PSI. This flow meter consists of a simple design with great accuracy of the measurements. This meter makes use of the flow movement of different fluids to determine a value of its flow rate. Due to easy maintenance and efficiency of work turbine flow meter is widely used for various commercial applications. Turbine flow meter can be made into high pressure type flow sensor, such as 300LB, 600LB or 900 LB pressure.

Working principle

The design of this flow meter consists of a rotor with multiple blades on its sides. The rotor is connected centrally to a shaft. A motion-sensing apparatus is also a part of this design. As this turbine flow sensor is placed in the direction of fluid flow, the blades of rotor start their rotation. This rotation causes the production of a voltage detected by the sensor. The amount of voltage produced is directly proportional to the rate of fluid flow. Thus the faster the rotor blades move, the greater is the voltage produced and the rate of fluid flow increases. This is the basic principle used in turbine flow meters. Turbine flow meter is with rugged stainless steel material to ensure construction a durable and economic flow metering under high pressure.

Features of high pressure turbine flow sensor

  • 1- Turbine flow sensor has High accuracy , also it is easy installation.
  • 2- Digital and automatic display of the flow rate.
  • 3- Good for the measurement of changing flow rates.
  • 4- Lower rotor inertia.
  • 5- Best for measuring fluids with viscosity within 48 cp.
  • 6- High pressure type turbine meter can be used in hydraulic testing and chemical injection systems.
  • 7- Digital inline turbine type flow meter with flow indicator to show total flow and flow rate


Its accuracy and ease of the installation process is the reason for its wide applications. Many industries use high pressure turbine flow meter for precise measurement of flow rate. These industries include chemical and petrochemical industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical plants, offshore chemical injection systems, aerosol departments, and cryogenic plants. Turbine type flow meters minimize the possible risk of inaccurate measurement thus most heavy industries employ such meters.

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