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Low Flow Liquid Turbine Flow meter

Low Flow Liquid Turbine Flow meter

Low Flow Liquid Turbine Flow meter

SLW-Micro Series Low flow liquid flow meter is based on turbine flow meter principle which is dedicated to measure liquid flow rate with low flow rate. The microliter flow meter has high accuracy even at high temperature and high pressure conduction. The electronic pulse generator is built-in the flow sensor, and can keep±1% accuracy and ±0.25% high degree of repeatability under continuous running. This type mini-flowmeter is widely used in measure, regulate, dispensing liquid.
Low flow turbine flowmeter is a kind of velocity flowmeter, it has good accuracy and perfect repeatability. Low flow turbine flowmeter has simple constructions and can be used to measure clean liquid without corrosion. Low flow turbine flow meter can detect liquid flow as low as 10ml/min.

Specifications of low flow turbine flow meter:

  • Low flow rate flow meter from 0.035 L/min to 3 L/min, flow meter sensor size from 1.15mm to 3.7mm, 0.035~1.6, flow range can be 35-1600cc/min, 10-1860 ml/minute,45-2080 ml/min,120-2400 cc/min, 0.15-3 LPM
  • Mini Turbine flow sensor is  with compact design and light weight
  • Miniature flow meter is suitable to measure clean and non-corrosive liquids. We have solution for low flow corrosive liquid flow meter.
  • Digital low flow turbine flow meter has pulse output, 3 wires system
  • Liquid temperature range : -10~+100℃
  • Flow sensor material: shell is brass, bearing is stainless steel and Impeller is PVDF
  • Miniature Turbine flow meter has small volume and dimensions 40×55×40mm

Working principle of Low Flow Liquid Turbine Flow meter

The rotational angular velocity of the impeller placed in the fluid is proportional to the fluid velocity, and the velocity of the fluid to be measured is obtained by measuring the rotational angular velocity of the impeller, thereby low flow turbine sensor is obtaining the flow value in the pipeline. Low flow turbine flow meter makes full use of the fluidity of the liquid to drive its internal machinery to rotate, and then uses its internal careful design to make it rotate with the help of physics knowledge to drive the instrument to run.
Ultra low flow Turbine flowmeter relies on the impact of the fluid flowing through the pipeline on the impeller blades in the pipeline to drive the impeller to rotate, and the flow rate of the fluid is proportional to the angular velocity of the impeller. Turbine flowmeter structure includes a casing, front and rear guide frames, impellers, bearings and magnets. Miniature turbine flow meter shell is connected to the external pipeline, the internal structural components are fixed, and the fluid entering the shell is micro-rectified; the hollow hub of the impeller is equipped with magnetic steel, and the two ends are equipped with bearings, which cooperate with the guide frame to ensure the stable rotation of the impeller and realize the flow rate metering.
Liquid energy can be used in the micro flowmeter to drive its operation, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate liquid, and it is not suitable to use too viscous liquid. If the fluidity is poor, so when the flow is metered, there is also a lack of power, which causes problems with its stable operation. The low flow turbine flowmeter is also affected by surrounding factors, which can cause deviations in its results, so it is necessary to avoid the influence of these factors (such as surrounding pressure, temperature, etc., which will affect it). When using liquid media, pay attention to whether it is pure, and try to avoid other impurities that affect the micro liquid flowmeter.

Liquid can be measured by low flow turbine flow meter

The fluid measured by low flow turbine flow meter is required to be relatively clean and no corrosive liquid. Recommended fluids such as petrochemicals: naphtha, ethylene, styrene, polyethylene, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, chemical solutions, ammonia, brine, methanol, Water, high-pressure hydrogen, organic liquids, alcohol, ether, benzene, toluene, butadiene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.

Matters need attention when using Miniature turbine flow meter

It is necessary to choose a suitable fluid. If the viscosity of the fluid is too high, it is not conducive to its normal operation, so it is necessary to choose a fluid with a small viscosity coefficient by low flow turbine flow meter. However Silver automation instruments ltd also has solution for high viscosity low flow liquid measurement. 
The rotating speed of the flowmeter should not be too high during operation. If the rotating speed reaches the critical value, it is easy to cause damage to the flowmeter, which will cause the inertia of its internal components and cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, it should be set within a reasonable range to improve usage time.

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