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Low flow high viscosity flow meter

Oval gear flow meter and Coriolis mass flow meter are both suitable instruments for low flow and high viscosity flow rate measurement, the viscous fluids including: latex, crude oil, tooth paste ,resin, syrup, sealant, electrolyte,molasses .,etc

Oval gear flow meter for high viscosity and micro flow measurement

Min flow starts from 0.5 ml/min
Available tiny flow sensor size: 2mm, 3mm (1/8”),5mm(3/16”),6mm(1/4”),9mm(3/8”)
Positive displacement flow meter (PD flow meter)
High viscosity can max reaches to 2000 mPa.s
High accuracy: ±0.5%
Volumetric flow measurement
In-line stainless steel flow meter
Pulse output can be equipped with digital flow totalizer

Coriolis flow meter for viscous liquids at mini flow rate

Direct mass measurement flow meter
Mini flow meter sensor size from 3mm (1/8 inch),6mm(1/4 inch).8mm,10mm
Min flow the Coriolis flow meter can detect is 0~40 kg/h
Highly viscous fluids can be max 100,000 cp
Digital mass flow meter to have integral display to show mass or volume flow information
Multi-parameters can be detect: density, temperature, mass flow, concentration
High accuracy flow meter: 0.2%,0.15%,0.1%
In-line type mass flow meter
Can detect liquid, gas, or two-phase fluids (such as refrigerant)

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