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Mass flow meters for gas

At present, the main gas flow meter is a volume gas flow meter, and when the temperature and pressure change, the volumetric flow meter measurement accuracy will become poor. The advantage of the gas mass flow meter is that it is not affected by the temperature and pressure change, and directly takes measurement and display the mass flow rate of the gas or air, so the gas mass flow meter measurement accuracy is better. We recommend thermal gas mass flow meters and Coriolis gas mass flow meters to customers for more accurate gas mass flow measurement.

Thermal mass flow meter for gas and air mass flow measurement

Thermal gas mass flow meters can be used for both gas flow metering and process control. It is without the need for temperature and pressure compensation or correction, directly measuring the mass flow of gas. The thermal gas mass flow meter is mainly used to measure the following media, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, gas, air, nitrogen, acetylene, phosgene, hydrogen, natural gas, nitrogen, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), hydrogen peroxide, flue gas, methane. , butane, chlorine, gas, biogas, carbon dioxide, oxygen, compressed air, argon, toluene, benzene, xylene, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and other gases.

Thermal dispersion flow meter for gas flow rate measurement features:
✔ No moving parts
Low pressure loss
Wide range ratio
High precision
Low pressure gas can be detected
Very sensitive to small gas flow
High temperature mass flow meter for gases option which can max standard 350 ℃
In-line gas mass flow meter or insertion gas mass flow meter option
Electronic gas mass flow meter with digital display for easy parameter configuration

Coriolis mass flow meter for gases measurement

The Coriolis flowmeter is expensive and has very high measurement accuracy. It is mainly used to measure high pressure and high density gas or air, such as LPG or CNG gas flow meter. Coriolis gas meter can also be used for precise measurement of gaseous liquid mixed media, such as refrigerant flow meter.

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