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High pressure Coriolis flow meter

High pressure Coriolis flow meter

SH-CMF Series Coriolis flow meter can max work on 700 bar operation high pressure. The high pressure type flow sensor is needed in such as chemical injection or hydrogen fueling station. Coriolis flow meter is a kind of advanced and versatile flow measurement devices in the market nowadays.


  • Can max have 70 Mpa (10152 psi) operation pressure
  • Coriolis sensors size from DN3 to DN200 ( 8 INCH Coriolis flow meter)
  • Direct mass flow measurement
  • Multi-parameters measurement, such as volumetric flow ,mass flow ,fluids concentration,and temp by only one flow instruments
  • Stainless steel flow meter ( 316L material)
  • Can measure liquid, gas or slurry
  • No moving parts in the sensor so little maintenance is requested
  • High viscosity flow meter
  • Can be used as high pressure gas meter or high pressure liquid flow meter

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