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Oil and Gas Industry Instrumentation

Gas turbine Flow meter
Gas turbine Flow meter
Gas turbine flow meter has excellent performance under both low and high pressure, various ways of signal output and low sensitivity to the fluid turbulence. Thus it is widely applied to the measurement of gas flow, such as natural gas, coal gas, LPG ,light hydrocarbon gas and so on.
a.High accuracy, standard accuracy:±1.5%R,option±1.0%R
b.New design sensor, low flow start, low pressure loss, good shock resistance and anti-fluctuation, long life time.
c.Premium rectifier, not hard demand on straight pipes in down and up stream.
d.Good Turn down ratio, 30:1-10:1
e.The instrument K factor can be linear corrected by max 8 points to improve the flow meter calculation accuracy.
f.The flow meter display can be rotated by 180 degree and easy for installation.

Oval gear flow meter
Oval gear flow meter
Oval gear flow meter which is a kind of positive displacement can be used in oil and gas industry. The rough conditions at sea demand tough and robust constructions.
a.Oval gear flow meter is used to transfer high viscosity liquids with good repeatability and durability.
b. Large flow range, low pressure loss, robust constructions
c.Mechanical register , also option with digital display,pulse output ,4-20mA output
d.Cast iron, cast steel ,stainless steel material options.

Helix Roteor Flow meter
Helix Roteor Flow meter
Helix Roteor Flow meters are high accuracy instruments used for continuous measurement and control of the pipe liquid flow, which are typical of positive displacement meter, feature large flow range, low pressure loss, large viscosity range, easy installation
It is mainly used for the custody transfer and project management control of ship, petroleam,electric,dock etc.

Liquid Turbine Flow meter
Liquid Turbine Flow meter
Liquid turbine flow meter is often used by customers for oil and gas industry for below advantages.
a.High accuracy but low cost flow meter .
b.Perfect choice for clean and low viscosity fluids, such as clean water, diesel
c.Different outputs and communications for different control purpose in oil and gas industry.

Coriolis Mass Flow meter
Coriolis Mass Flow meter
a.All in one measurement, it can measure mass flow , temperature and density of medium.
b.Coriolis mass flow meters do not have any moving parts.
c.No strict straight pipeline request for Coriolis mass flow meter installation.
d.The meters are designed for excellent performance in even the harshest operating environment which can be used in marine harsh environment.
e.Flow meters are fabricated with stainless steel 316.

Pressure Transmitters, DP transmitters and diaphragm seal transmitters
Pressure Transmitters

a.Pressure ,differential pressure, absolute pressure ,negative pressure measurement
b.Different kind of diaphragm seals and process connections for oil and gas industry.
c.4-20mA output , digital display and Hart Protocol option

Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge

a.Copper ,stainless steel or plastic material options for different chemical and petrochemical demands
b.Pressure gauge with electrical contact for various process control demands.
c.Different kinds process connections tailored for customers
d.Robust diaphragm seals with different materials.

RTD & Thermocouple, temperature transmitter
RTD & Thermocouple
a.RTD & Thermocouple with different temperature ranges
b.Process connections tailored for customers demands.
c.Option with 4-20mA output and Hart Protocol.
d.Custom tailored temperature sensing solutions to meet the unique requirements of the chemical and petrochemical service equipment OEM.  We provide our sensor assemblies promptly and cost effectively to our valued customers.

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