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What is gelatin solution and why is hard to do flow measurement?

Gelatin solution is a liquid mixture made by dissolving gelatin in hot water. Gelatin is a protein derived from collagen, a natural substance found in animal connective tissues such as bones and skin.
When gelatin is dissolved in hot water, it forms a viscous liquid that can solidify into a gel-like substance when cooled. The viscosity of gelatin solution can vary depending on the concentration of gelatin, the temperature of the solution, and the presence of other additives.
In general, gelatin solutions are relatively viscous compared to water, especially when they are allowed to cool and solidify. The degree of viscosity depends on the concentration of the gelatin solution, with higher concentrations leading to greater viscosity.
In a word, the gelatin solution is sticky and there are particles. It is difficult to select a suitable flowmeter for gelatin measurement. For example, liquid turbine flowmeter cannot measure gelatin flow, the gelatin particles will damage the impeller, and the sticky gelatin will also stick to the impeller of liquid turbine flow sensor, affecting the accurate measurement of the liquid turbine. Although the electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts and the conductivity of the gelatin is also high, the gelatin will adhere to the electrodes of magnetic flowmeter, affecting the normal operation and stable measurement of the mag flowmeter.

Coriolis flow meter for gelatin flow measurement

At present, we recommend Coriolis mass flowmeter to measure gelatin solution flow.
A Coriolis flow meter is a type of flow meter used to measure the mass flow rate of gelatine. It operates on the principle of the Coriolis Effect, which is a physical phenomenon that causes a deflection of moving objects in a rotating reference frame.
In a Coriolis flow meter, gelatin water is passed through a tube that is oscillated back and forth. As the fluid flows through the tube, it is subjected to a Coriolis force due to the motion of the tube. This causes the tube to twist slightly in proportion to the mass flow rate of the gelatin fluid.

Why choose Coriolis flow meter for gelatin flow measurement?

  • 1. Coriolis mass flowmeter can measure high viscosity liquid such as honey, paste, molasses, Glucose, syrup, and the viscosity of gelatin will reach to 150 cp if gelatin concentration content rich to 25-50 % and this is not a measurement difficulty for Coriolis flow meter.
  • 2. The mass flow meter can measure the slurry, including solid particle media, such as mortar, sludge, etc. The gelatin solution contains particles, and there is no problem with the mass flow meter. However, it should be noted that the particles of gelatin should be controlled to be smaller, and too large particles will block the measuring tube.
  • 3. Gelatin+ water solution is often used in the food industry, because the flowmeter measuring equipment is required to meet the sanitary and hygienic demand, Coriolis mass flowmeter can be made into a sanitary flowmeter, the connection method can be tri- clamp or food industry fitting DIN11851, and the mass sensor wet parts material is stainless steel 316, which fully meets the requirements of the sanitary industry.

Specifications of Coriolis flow meter for Gelatin solution

  • Many flow sensors sizes available fpr gelatin solution, such as 3/8”,1/2”, 1inch, 2 inch or DN50, 3”, 4 inch (NB100) , 5inch,6 inch, 8 inch, 10” .,etc
  • Direct mass flow measurement of gelatin solution, which is very accurate flow measurement.
  • Flow range for gelatin flow meter: 0~40 kg/h, 0~220 lbs/h, 0~7.35 lb/min, 0~500 kg/h, 0~1 Mt/h, 0~50 kg/min, 0~2.78 kg/s, and max quality flow can reach to 500 MT/h;
  • Temperature range for Coriolis meter can max reach to max 662 °F, as we know gelatin solution temperature can be very high, which may be around 90 °C , and Coriolis mass flow meter can obviously handle that flow range.
  • Coriolis flow meter standard pressure rating is 232 psi, and can be even made into higher pressure rating, such as 7000 psi ,10000 psi.
  • Coriolis flow meter is a kind of digital flow meter, which has digital display to show gelatin flow rate, total mass flow, fluids temperature and so on. It also has 4-20mA output, frequency , pulse output, RS485,MODBUS ,and option with HART Protocol.
  • High accuracy of mass flow measurement of gelatin solution when using Coriolis flow meter, the accuracy can reach to 0.2% or even higher.
  • Electronic flow meter needs power supply 24V DC or 220V AC
  • Price for gelatin solution mass flow meter price starts from $3500,welcome to send specific inquiry to us.
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