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High temperature Coriolis flow meter

High temperature Coriolis flow meter

High temperature Coriolis flow meter can measure fluids max temperature upto 350 °C( 662).

What is High temperature Coriolis flow meter?

High temperature Coriolis flow meter is a flowmeter that uses the principle of modulation of the fluid mass flow rate on the vibration of the vibrating tube to measure the mass flow rate, the max  fluids temperature for the high temperature Coriolis flow sensor is 350°C( 662). There is no need for temperature and pressure compensation, and the mass flow rate of the fluid is directly measured by high temperature

Coriolis force was discovered by French scientist Coriolis. When a mass point moves on an implicated coordinate system in a rotary motion, the absolute acceleration of the particle contains an additional acceleration in addition to the relative acceleration and the implicated acceleration. This additional acceleration is Coriolis acceleration, or Coriolis acceleration for short.
Considerations when buying a correct a high temperature Coriolis flow meter

There are many manufacturers of Coriolis mass flow meters, and the types, shapes and models are even more diverse. In the selection work, you can consult the technical engineer from Coriolis flow meter manufactures or you can also use special selection software to help you choose the correct type high temperature Coriolis flow sensor. In this section, the composition, specifications, functions and main technical indicators of some typical products will be selected and briefly introduced, so that readers have a further overview of the Coriolis mass flowmeter.
High temperature Coriolis mass flow meters are usually composed of high temperature flow sensors and Coriolis flow transmitters, the two parts are connected by the cable, remote version Coriolis flow meter is necessary for high temperature mass flow measurement ,because the high temperature fluids could cause damage on electronic parts of Coriolis flow transmitter. The following technical specifications should be considered to the high temperature Coriolis flow meter: flow range, working temperature, working pressure, accuracy and repeatability, as well as the installation, the wet parts material of mass flow sensor, and so on. The technical specifications of the mass flow transmitter should include: power supply, signal and output mode, signal transmission range and accuracy, signal display resolution, etc. and the most important part is high temperature Coriolis flow meter price.

High temperature Coriolis flow meter Technical Specifications

  • The mass flow meter consists of a sensor and a transmitter, which are connected by a 12-core dedicated cable to form a complete mass flow measurement system. The system can measure and display the mass flow rate and total flow, temperature, concentration and density of the fluid.
  • High temperature Coriolis flow meter can measure medium: high temperature asphalt, superheated steam, heat transfer oil, HTF flow, hydrocarbon oil, Vapor of Monomer, high temperature geothermal water.etc
  • High temperature Coriolis Sensor size: 1/8”, DN3,DN6,1/4 inch,1/2”,10mm,3/4 inch,DN20,1inch,1-1/4”,2inch,3 inch,4 inch,6” ,DN150, DN200,8INCH, DN250,inline flow meter, no insertion Coriolis flow meter.
  • Sensor structure: high temperature remote type display, standard 1.2m cable between high temperature flow sensor and mass flow converter;
  • High temperature range for the fluids :
  • T1: -50~150°C, (-58~302 )
  • T2:-50~ 250 °C, (-58~482)
  • T3:-50~ 350°C, (-58~662)
  • Flow range for high temperature Coriolis flow sensor size:

  • Transmitter's signal output

a. Analog

The 4-20mA current output can be selected, which represents mass flow, density or temperature.

b. Frequency signal

A frequency/pulse output signal independent of the analog output, adjustable from 1 to 10000 Hz. Configurable to represent mass flow. You can choose 0~5V square wave, 2.2kn load, and the over-range output capacity is 15000Hz.

c. Digital Communication

RS-485 digital signal or HART communication protocol compatible. The RS485 signal is a ±5V square wave referenced to the transmitter ground, and the baud rate can be selected from 300bit/s to 38400bit/s.

  • Power supply:There are three power supply modes to choose from: 115±25%VAC; 23025%VAC; 12~30VDC.
  • Coriolis flow transmitter working temperature
  • Operation: -30~55; Storage: -40~80;
  • The influence of ambient temperature on the transmitter:
  • Milliamp output: ±0.0005% range/;
  • Temperature output: ±0.01/.

The above is an overview of the high temperature Coriolis mass flow meters. Various types of Coriolis mass flow meters have similar functions and technical indicators. With the continuous advancement of mass flowmeter manufacturing technology, product functions and technical indicators will also have corresponding changes. In actual work, the model should be selected according to the latest technical indicators of each product. Welcome to contact to obtain the latest technical specifications of high temperature Coriolis flow meter and get the lowest price for the Coriolis meter.

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