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Are you searching for a blog that has everything about mass fuel Coriolis flow meter? If yes, then finally you have come to right blog. As you know that Coriolis flow meter is one of the most accurate flow instruments and it has been used by different industries, it is also a perfect and excellent instrument to be used as mass fuel flow meter. So if you have any queries regarding this amazing tool, then this article will provide you all the important information. After reading this article, most of your doubts will be gone and you will have a better understanding. So if you want to learn more, then keep reading this article. Now without wasting a single minute, let's start the main deal.

mass fuel flow meter

What is Coriolis Flow Meter?

A Coriolis flow meter is an instrumentation that helps in measuring or calculating the rate of flow of fluids passing through a pipe. In general terms, it measures the masses/unit time that is kg/seconds passing through the pipe. The liquid that is passing through the pipe can be of any form. For example- it can be fluid of bubbles or of any constraints. It doesn't what the form of fluid; it can help in measuring the weight. This is the reason why it is being used by different industries, to use Coriolis flow meter to take measurement of fuel; it can achieve very accurate measurement result.

What Is Mass Flow And Volumetric Flow?

Mass is the measure of the amount of the matter present in a substance. It is generally shown in kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces or tones. Coming to mass flow rate, it is the quantity of mass that flowing through a given cross-section in a particular time frame. It is shown in kg/sec or pounds/hour or in a similar way.

Volume is a measure of a 3-D area that a substance occupies. Volumetric flow rate is the amount of a substance passing through a given pass section in a particular time frame place. Milliliters/second, meters3 /second, or feet3/hour are the common units of amount for volumetric flow rate.

Coriolis flow transmitter is to measure fuel mass flow, while turbine flow meter, DP flow meter or oval gear flow meter is to measure mass flow.

Advantages of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters to measure fuel

So after discussing the fundamental information regarding Coriolis mass fuel flow meters, it's time to talk about its benefits. So here are few of them:

  • · Digital Coriolis flow meter can measure mass flow, total flow, temperature and density of fuel
  • · Mass fuel flow meter not only has electronic display, also with pulse and current output for process control
  • · The measurement of the mass flow can be taken directly with Coriolis flow meters and it gives high accuracy, it can reach to 0.1~0.2% accuracy
  • · No straight pipeline needed when installation the Coriolis flow sensor
  • · It could be used to take measurements of different fluids such as high viscosity fluids, medium pressure gases, high pressure gases of sufficient density, etc,
  • · Any change in the viscosity does not affect the measured value
  • · The fluctuation or change in the density of fluid slightly affects the measured value of mass fuel flow meter
  • · It can be used to calculate and measure the high viscosity fluid. For example- it can measure heavy oil, crude, residual oil and many liquids that have a higher viscosity. Some time ago, target flowmeters and volumetric flowmeters were used. Now due to the high accuracy and good reliability, Coriolis flowmeters are used

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