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Resin level sensor

Resin level sensor

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Resin level measurement

Resin is a yellowish viscous liquid. In industrial production, it is often necessary to measure the height or level of the resin in the tank, resin silo or hopper for industrial production control and recording. It is not easy to measure the epoxy resin and catalyst level, because the resin is very sticky and has high viscosity and viscous resin will volatilize the mixed oil and gas or dust. For example, the ultrasonic level sensor is not very good to measure resin level. Radar level sensor with special antenna mode can obtain a good resin level measurement effect. Resin level sensors are needed by production of resins for composites and coating industry, engineering for chemical industry, construction of building, at plastics plants.
Working principle of radar type level gauge for resin
Radar level gauge adopts the working mode of transmit-reflection-receive. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the radar antenna are reflected by the surface of the measured resin and then received by the radar antenna. The distance from the radar level sensor to the resin epoxy surface to be measured is proportional to the time from the launch of the electromagnetic wave to the reception of the radar echo by the radar antenna. The relationship is as follows:
D=CT/2         (1)
In the formula: D is the distance from the radar level gauge to the liquid surface; C is the speed of light; T is the electromagnetic wave running time

Features of resin silo level sensors

  • Radar level gauge adopts an integrated design, has no moving parts, no mechanical wear, and has the advantages of long service life. The radar wave emitted by the radar level transducer can pass through the vacuum and does not require a transmission medium. The measurement of the radar level sensor is not affected by steam, atmosphere and volatile media, it is dust-penetrating non-contact level sensor, and can be used in resin liquid levels with volatile media such as crude benzene. Radar level transmitters are suitable for most liquid level measurement.
  • Conductive media and even slightly conductive media can reflect enough electromagnetic wave signals. For non-conductive media, when the dielectric constant is greater than 1.5, enough radar waves can be reflected to be detected by the liquid level gauge, epoxy resin has dielectric with 2.5-6 which radar level sensor can work.
  • Radar level meter is a non-contact level instrument and is not affected by the physical properties such as the density, viscosity and concentration of the medium in the resin silo. The measurement range is wide, the maximum resin level measurement can reach 35m, however normal request resin level measurement could be only around 5m or 15 ft; Radar level transmitters can also be used for liquid level measurement in environments with high temperature and high pressure. The key parts of the radar level sensor, such as the antenna, are made of high-quality materials and have strong corrosion resistance, so they can be used in highly corrosive environments.
  • The radar level gauge has the function of automatically identifying false echoes according to the instrument parameters input by the user, and these interference waves can be eliminated through software, a handheld communicator or simple operation keys. The radar level transmitters can use the built-in simple operation keys to set most of the parameters on the level gauge. It can also use the corresponding MODBUS, FF or HART protocol communicator according to the model of the level gauge to communicate remotely or locally. Basically digital resin level sensor has 4-20mA current output and LCD display to read resin level value in the field and remotely. Radar level transmitters for resin have setting easy interface and fast operation and get better resin level control. Radar type resin level sensors provide continuous level data to the PLC, which in turn, monitors the resin silos and alarms for replenishment.
  • The resin is volatile, it contained oil and gas and dust, the ambient temperature may cause the oil and gas to volatilize and adhere to the surface of the antenna, which will seriously affect the antenna's emission and reception of radar waves, resulting in abnormal fluctuations in the measurement data, our SKRD96 series radar level meter with easy clean antenna of Teflon material to get best measurement of resin level measurement. Liquid resins and plasticizers level in hoppers are continuously and accurately measured regardless of condensation or turbulence in the silo.
  • Silver Automation Instruments sells low price resin level sensors with price starts from 1000 USD dollars.
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