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Ultrasonic sensor for water level measurement

Ultrasonic sensor for water level measurement

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The wastewater and the water industry has many requirements to measure the level of water in many kinds of applications such as weirs, pipes, basins, wells, cooling towers, tanks and flumes. And the most effective instruments for these applications are ultrasonic sensors.

What Are Ultrasonic Sensors for water level measurement?

As its name indicates, ultrasonic level transducers measure the distance by using ultrasonic waves. They are cost-effective and reliable level measurement instruments. In operation, a level sensor is mounted over the water. For determining a distance to the water, it transmits the sound pulse which starts reflecting from measures as well as the water's surface the time it requires for an echo to return.

Features Of Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Unlike an optical sensor that has a transmitter alongside a receiver, an ultrasonic level indicator uses just a single ultrasonic element for reception and emission.
In the ultrasonic sensor, the oscillator starts emitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, enabling miniaturization of the sensor head.
As for its features, the following list displays typical characteristics which are enabled by a detection system:
1.Transparent object detectable
They can easily detect transparent targets because ultrasonic waves successfully reflect off the liquid or glass surface, returning to the sensor head afterwards.
2.Resistant to dirt and mist
Detection is not affected by accumulation of dirt or dust.
3.Complex shaped objects are detectable
Presence detection is still stable even if the targets are complex such as springs or mesh trays.

What Kind Of Water Can Be Measured By Ultrasonic Level

First of all, what's important to keep in mind is that a water level sensor uses the latest and most efficient ultrasonic distance measuring technology in order to accurately monitor non-contact water level.
Most ultrasonic sensors come with ultrasonic water level sensors. There are many kinds of sensor ranges available including 3 ft, 12 ft as well as 48 ft, meeting a vast variety of applications.
For example, a 3 ft range ultrasonic water level sensor is the most useful for measuring flow in small weirs and flumes, while a 12 ft and 48 ft ultrasonic water level sensor ranges are ideal for measuring a lake, river and tank levels as well as open channel flow in much larger flumes.

Why Are Ultrasonic Water Level Sensors Effective

They are the most efficient for water level measurement. Installation of them is simple as it doesn't even require calibration or programming.
Moreover, they don't require any maintenance and are reliable, rugged and completely weatherproof. They are also ideal for wastewater and sewer applications.
The ultrasonic water level sensors are simple and easy to mount, which come with complete instructions and a 6 ft standard cable.
Additionally, most of them are not difficult to interface to all SCADA, PLC's and telemetry systems thanks to its very simple 3-wire 4-20 mA output.
They are also very compatible as well as optionally provided with Open Channel Flow Monitor.
So taking all of the above into consideration, it's not too difficult to see what makes them so popular and in-demand.

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