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Radar water level sensor

Radar water level sensor

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Working principle

These water level radars work on the similar principle of ultrasonic level transmitters except that the waves used are radio waves and it is designed for water level measurement. Generally, a transmitter attached to the antenna sends a signal towards the water surface and a receiver in the same antenna receives the signal as waves return after striking the surface. The echo time of waves is processed and level and change in the level of water are calculated.

Application of radar based water level sensor

Radar waves are very useful because their higher frequency is applicable to all types of liquids especially water. Thus acid water, wastewater, saline and fresh water, and other slurries water level can be measured by using this device. The water levels of mobile and remote water reservoirs can also be measured including measurement of water level of rivers, seas, tanks, lakes, and other wastewater plants.


Low required maintenance, low power mode, and high accuracy are the characteristic features of this transmitter.IP67 protection level.

Radar water level sensor price

Chinese radar level manufacture produce low priced radar water level transmitters which start from USD 400.

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