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Malt Level Transmitter
We choose different kinds level meters according to different applications, the level sensors could be used in open tank, some in sealed tank, some in open lake level measurement, some in extremely high temperature, some medium with foam, some are solids level measurement.  We choose different kinds level meters and process connection according to different applications
Below is a good sample for level meter selection, the application is complicated, high temperature, the tank is sealed, and the medium density also changes, let's see the application:

Question: Malton Syrup Level Measurement Request

We want to measure level of malton syrup with sugar, below is the details:
Malton syrup with sugar concentration ranging from 20%-60% dissolved in water.
The process is actually that the malt is left to ferment in the tank for couple of days till it reaches to a certain standard.
There are not agitators.
The working temperature is between 80-130°C
And pressure is about 180Kpa
It starts as being close to a watery substance to about to about 0.336 gram per cubic centimeter, and the density change along with the time.
And the malt tank with up to 80% brix.
The tank is sealed and not vent to the air, and we are firstly considering Silver Instruments SHLT02 series cable type level sensor, because our first purchase of your SHLT02 series Diffusive Silicon Level Transmitter has perfect performance in our pure water level measurement.
However, we are also interested in capacitance type level transmitters, can it work?
Can you help us with this application?

Solution to Malton Syrup Level Measurement

Thanks for your trust on us. And glad to hear that our SHLT02 level meter has good performance is your pure water level measurement.
SHLT02 Diffusive Silicon Level Transmitter can work in pure water level measurement in open tank, but it cannot work in sealed tank, so our SHLT02 cannot use in your melt syrup level.
Principle of SHLT02 is that:
“Liquid with different specific gravity is in linear relation to the pressure generating at different height to realize the accurate level measurement.”
From above description we can see that the medium density has close relationship with measuring result. If you use our SHLT02 level meter, It will have poor accuracy because your density changes.
Also capacitance level meter cannot work for your malt tank due to the density changing.
However we recommend our SKRD 53 series Radar level meter; it can work in high temperature medium, sealed tank, and changing density malt. See below correct selection:
SKRD 53 Series 6.3G radar level meter
P-Non explosion proof
D-Process Connection: Flange DN150/ PN16
C-Antenna: Horn Φ146mm/Stainless Steel 304
1-No Antenna Extension
G- Process Temperature : -40~150°C (with cooling fin)
3- (4~20)mA/(22.8~26.4)V DC/HART/2-Wire
L-Housing and protect level: Aluminium/IP67
M- Cable Entry: M20x1.5
A-With digital display

SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS would love to share this case with everyone and wish this article help you to understand better that different applications need to choose different level meters.
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