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4" Coriolis flow meter

What is 4" Coriolis flow meter?

A 4-inch Coriolis flow meter refers to a type of Coriolis flow meter with a 4-inch nominal pipe size (NPS) or we also say DN100 Corolis flow meter.
4” Coriolis flow meters are devices used to measure the flow rate of fluids (liquids or gases) based on the Coriolis effect. When the fluid flows through the vibrating tube, it causes a slight twist in the tube due to the Coriolis effect. 4” Coriolis flow Sensors measure the amount of tube deformation, which is directly proportional to the mass flow rate of the fluid.

4” Coriolis mass flow meter flow range

The 4-inch size specification indicates the internal diameter of the 4” Coriolis meter's flow tube, and it is essential for determining the flow capacity and the maximum flow rate that the flow meter can handle. 4” Corolis mass flow meter can max measure 0~150 t/h (2500 kg/min) max flow.

4” Coriolis flow meter application

A 4-inch Coriolis flow meter is relatively larger and typically used for higher flow rates or in applications where larger pipe diameters mass flow meters are required. 4” Coriolis flow meters are commonly found in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage, for bio diesel blending ,and water treatment, where precise and accurate flow measurement is crucial for process control and efficiency. We often use 4” Coriolis flow meter to measure fuel oil, crude oil, bitumen, water, diesel, light fuel oil (LFO), Bio diesel, clean oil, glucose, sugar-honey, and high viscosity vegetable oil and so on.

4”Coriolis mass flow meter price

The price of a 4 " Coriolis flow meter is determined by many factors, such as sensor material. The standard flow sensor material is 316L, and we also have Hastelloy alloy C material to measure more corrosive fluids , it affects 4” Coriolis flow meter price a lot.

The price of the 100NB Coriolis flow meter is also related to its function. Our flow meter standard is equipped with frequency output and current 4-20mA output, as well as RS485(MODBUS) communications. If customers need Hart function for their 4” Coriolis flow transmtters, or they need multiple outputs, such as density and flow rate output simultaneously, and the price will also change.

The price of a 4” Coriolis mass flow meter is closely related to pressure rating. Our standard is 232 psi. If you need a 4” Coriolis flow meter with a high pressure of 1000 psi, 1500 psi, or higher, the price will also vary.

The price of a 4” Coriolis flow mass flow meter is also related to the temperature it can withstand. The normal temperature is -50~150 degrees Celsius. If a high temperature flow meter needs to reach 350 degrees Celsius or an ultra-low temperature flow meter needs to reach -200 degrees Celsius, the 4” Coriolis fow meters price will also vary.

However, our company has 30 years of production experience for 4” Coriolis flow meter, and the quality flow meters produced are very stable and priced very well. Our 4 inch Coriolis meter for sale price starts from $5200.
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