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Coriolis mass flow meter to measure palm kernel oil flow

Coriolis mass flow meter to measure palm kernel oil flow

A Coriolis flow meter is a commonly used instrument to measure the flow rate of palm kernel oil (PKO).Coriolis flow meter operates based on the Coriolis effect, which is the deflection of moving objects caused by the rotation of the Earth.

When it comes to measuring palm kernel oil (PKO), the Coriolis flow meter offers several advantages:

Coriolis flow meter is suitable for palm kernel oil (PKO) fluids state

The melting point of palm kernel oil (PKO) is around 24-28°C (75-82°F). Below this temperature, PKO solidifies and takes on a creamy or solid consistency, similar to butter or margarine. This solid form of PKO is commonly referred to as palm kernel fat or palm kernel stearin.
However, when the temperature rises above its melting point, Palm kernel oil (PKO) transitions into a liquid state, becoming clear and flowing like most other vegetable oils. In the liquid state, PKO is often used in food processing, cooking, and various industrial applications.
Because Palm kernel oil (PKO) is prone to solidifying at relatively low temperatures, when measuring flow using ordinary positive displacement flow meters or turbine flow meters, the solidified palm oil can cause damage or blockage to the sensor due to the presence of movable components inside the flow sensor. The mass flow meter does not have movable components and can measure very viscous liquids, even liquids with solid particles, so Coriolis flow meter is the best choice for measuring Palm kernel oil (PKO).

High viscosity flow meters are suitable for palm kernel oil (PKO) flow measurement

The viscosity of PKO can vary depending on factors such as temperature and processing methods. However, as a general guideline, the viscosity of PKO at room temperature (around 25°C or 77°F) typically ranges from 40 to 70 centistokes (cSt), for 40~70 Cst oil flow measurement, Coriolis is the best.

Direct palm kernel oil (PKO) mass flow measurement

Coriolis flow meters directly measure the mass flow rate of the fluid, rather than relying on volume calculations. This is particularly useful for PKO, as its density can change with temperature and composition. By directly measuring mass flow, the Coriolis flow meter provides accurate readings regardless of density fluctuations.

High accuracy palm kernel oil (PKO) flow measurement

The accuracy of Coriolis mass flow meters is 0.1% to 0.25%, which are currently the best accuracy flow meters among all flow meters. Coriolis flow meters are known for their high accuracy in measuring flow rates. PKO, like other oils, can have varying viscosities and densities. The Coriolis flow meter can accurately measure the flow of PKO regardless of these variations.

Sanitary flow meters for palm kernel oil (PKO) flow measurement

Coriolis mass flow sensors are made of high-quality stainless steel 316L wet parts material and they feature smooth and polished surfaces to prevent the buildup of bacteria or contaminants for sanitary flow measurement purpose.
Coriolis flow meters can be made with sanitary fittings and connections, such as tri-clamp, tri-clover, DIN 11851 fitting, screw, or aseptic flange connections, to ensure hygienic installation and maintenance.

Trace heating or heating jacket options for PKO flow meters

We can also make trace heating jacket for Coriolis flow meter. It is essential to maintain the palm pernel oil at a specific temperature throughout the flow measurement process, palm kernel oil (PKO) is typically found in a solid state at room temperature (around 25°C or 77°F) and below. The heating jacket or trace hating allows for precise temperature control, ensuring that the Palm Kernel Oil remains at the desired temperature range (above 25°C) for accurate flow measurements.

Multiple functions of Coriolis mass flow meter for palm kernel oil (PKO)

There are many size options for mass flow meters, such as 3/8 ", 1/2", 3/4 inch, 1 ", DN25, DN40, 1-1/4", 2 ", DN65, and many flow options, such as 0-500 kg/h, 0-11 t/h, 0-3 ton/h, 0-10 ton/hr, 0-333 kg/min, 0-18 lb/s, 0-1187 lb/min, and so on.
In addition, the Coriolis flow meter has an electronic display that can display the instantaneous flow rate, total amount, and density of palm oil.
Mass Flowmeters can have digital output, pulse output, current output, MODBUS, RUT, HART protocol, and so on for palm kernel oil (PKO) flow measurement and control purpose.

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