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In the oil, gas, food industry, the flow of oil should be measured in each phase, such as manufacturing, transportation and so on. Different type oil is needed to measure, such as diesel, petrol, crude oil, fuel, gasoline, edible oil, hot oil vegetable oil, lubricating/hydraulic oils and so on.Silver Automation Instruments supply China oil flow meter from manufactures at low price cost, and all oil flow meters are with stable performance and rugged construction.

Different type oil flow meters are needed:

✔      Mechanical oil flow meter or digital oil flow meter with flow transmitter
✔      In-line type oil sensor or non-invasive type flow sensor
✔      High viscosity oil flow meter or normal viscosity oil flow meter
✔      Stainless steel oil flow meter or just need cast iron or steel material?
✔      Volumetric oil flow measurement or mass flow oil
✔      High temperature oil or normal operation temperature

Silver Automation Instruments supply various kinds oil flow meters for customers, such as

Oval gear flow meter for oil measurement

It is a kind of positive displacement oil flow meter, volume flow measurement and can take high viscosity oil measurement (max viscosity 2000 cp), max temperature is 200 °C, it can be made into mechanical oil flow meter without any power supply , or it can also equipped with flow transmitter with pulse or 4-20mA output. Hart Protocol and RS485 are also available upon request. Max sensor size we manufacture is 8 inch oval gear flow meter; it is an economical and reliable choice for petrol, crude oil, diesel oil flow measurement.

Liquid Turbine flow meter for oil measurement

It is a kind low price cost volumetric and digital flow meter, it has compact volume and easy to transportation. In-line type oil turbine flow sensor can take measurement of non-viscous oil measurement, such as vegetable oil, diesel, petrol, gasoline and so on. It can be battery powered, or 24V DC power supply. It can be made into sanitary type oil flow meter with stainless steel material and tri-clamp connection, and an ideal solution for edible oil, palm oil, vegetable oil flow measurement.

Coriolis mass flow meter for oil measurement

Coriolis flow meter is used to measure oil when high accuracy is needed; it is a kind of advance flow metering device and direct measure oil mass flow. It can measure extremely viscous oil mass flow. However Coriolis flow meter price is also very expensive comparing to common type oil flow meter.

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