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HFO tank level measurement by radar level transmitter

HFO tank level measurement by radar level transmitter

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Why HFO need level measurement?

Heavy oil (HFO), also known as Heavy Fuel Oil, is dark black liquid. Heavy oil is the remaining oil after crude oil is extracted from gasoline and diesel. It has large molecular weight and it is high viscosity oil.  Bunker fuel composition is mainly hydrocarbons, and it also contains part (about 0.1~4%) of sulfur and trace inorganic compounds.
Heavy oil is mainly used as fuel for large steam turbine boilers and engines for large ships. Heavy oil can also be used as a starting ignition fuel for modern large coal-fired boilers. HFO can be used as blast furnace injection fuel in steel plants, heating furnaces, iron ore sintering and iron ore pelletizing method for ignition and roasting, etc. HFO tank level measurement is often requested. In a word heavy fuel oil is widely used in thermal power equipment such as industrial furnaces, kilns, bunker, and ship or marine boilers it is important to measure level range of HFO in the tank, bunker.

Non-contact radar level measurement for HFO

The viscosity of heavy oil is large. When measuring the heavy fuel oil level, we should not try to use a level gauge that does not touch nor has less contact with the HFO liquid level, such as a radar level transmitter.
Radar level transmitter is simple, convenient, and easy to maintain. It is continuous level sensor. It is suitable for liquid level measurement in most tank environments and can be used in corrosive media. Radar level sensor has high accuracy, perfect stability and reliability; it is widely used in liquid level detection and process control in the industrial field.
Radar uses high frequency (26GHz), the electromagnetic wave is emitted from the antenna to HFO, and is reflected to the receiving end after time. From transmitting to the measured object and back to receiving, there will be a frequency difference in the wave pattern. This frequency difference can be further calculated to obtain the distance from the transmitting end to the measured object. This application measures the HFO tank level. We can see the bunker oil level by radar tank level indicator. The price for HFO tank level measurement various from 800 $ to 2000$ according to different brands. Welcome to send email ( to us to obtain HFO radar level gauge price. We offer low price from China level meter factory.

Features of HFO tank level measurement with radar level sensor

  • Max Measurement Distance for heavy fuel oil: 30 meters
  • Microwave Frequency: 26GHz
  • Communication Interface: HART, option with RS485
  • Measurement Interval: One second
  • HFO max Process Temperature : (-40~250) °C
  • Max pressure: 5800 PSI
  • Process connection: Flange or thread
  • Hazardous areas: Exd ia IIC T6 Gb
  • Enclosure rating: IP67
  • Digital radar level transmitter with display and 4-20mA current output
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