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Liquid level transmitter

Liquid level transmitter

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    Continuous Level Sensor

    Continuous level measurement is widely used to measure level of fuel, heavy oil, water, lime, paste, powder, chemical li...

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    Ultrasonic level Transducer

    Ultrasonic level transducer functionality is the same as the radar system. From ultrasonic profiling to level monitoring...

What is liquid level transmitter?

Liquid level transmitter is the development of pressure transmitter technology. Liquid level transmitter can be used to measure water, oil, fuel, gasoline, heavy oil, diesel, acid, chemical solution. The hydrostatic level transmitter is to measure the liquid level by measuring the static pressure generated by the media. According to the principle of linear relationship between the pressure generated by liquids of different specific gravity at different heights, level measurement is realized.Liquid level transmitter has 2-wire 20mA current output; it can perfect realize accurate measurement and transmission.

Features of liquid level transmitter

  • Simple installation, easy use, level transmitter has strong interchangeability
  • Hydraulic fluid level transmitter is suitable for the measurement of the liquid level and interface of the liquid medium in the container, storage tank, well, channels
  • Option with liquid level indicator to show level range vividly, it is level indicator transmitter or we can say liquid level transmitter with display
  • Large level measurement, can be 100 meters level transmitter (3937 inches level sensor)
  • Liquid level sensor material has variable selections, such as stainless steel 304, 316, 316L or PTFE coated.
  • Hydrostatic level transmitter with intrinsically safe explosion-proof and isolation explosion-proof capabilities, it can be used in various hazardous locations.
  • 4-20mA DC signal transmission from liquid level transmitter, strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance
  • Contact liquid level sensor, measurement not affected by the bubbling and deposition of the liquid
  • Low price of liquid level transmitter, price starts from $200, good solution for industrial water level sensor
  • Economical liquid level transmitter from China level transmitter manufacture
  • Continuous Level measurement sensor

Other liquid level transmitter types

Besides hydrostatic level transmitter, ultrasonic level transmitter capacitance level transmitter
, or radar level gauge can also be economical solution for liquid level measurement.

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