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Diesel fuel flow meter

We supply in-line mechanical or digital diesel fuel flow meter. Liquid turbine flow meter, oval gear flow meter also coriolis flow meter is often requested flow instruments for diesel flow measurement. Oil flow meter is from China leading flow meter manufacture with rugged construction also fast delivery time.

Why diesel fuel flow meters are needed ?

Nowadays, diesel engines have become extremely popular in the power industry. These engines are now being used in a wide range of power appliances right from boats, generators, trains to hydraulic packs, etc have become preferred unit choices for generating power. Fuel flow meters are widely demanded.
Since a diesel engine unit’s fuel expenditure and performance are not usually supervised, the best way to judge the unit’s efficiency is from the test results provided by its manufacturer and once checked, there is no need to check the results twice. 
There are high chances of theft from a unit installed in a distant location due to the rise in fuel prices, as well as several other factors, also contributing. Therefore, supervising the fuel expenditure of a diesel engine has become significantly important especially in the transport industry where the vehicle owners now giving plenty of attention to their vehicle’s fuel expenditure to save costs. 
Vehicle makers also dedicating plenty of time as well as effort in monitoring the fuel expenditure results through the devoted dynamometers. These results are also later checked via advanced mobile systems to determine the unit’s fuel efficiency. 
However, these systems are extremely complex and costly and only skilled professionals can handle these setups. That’s why these advanced and accurate fuel flow meter  are not available for general purposes. 
If the diesel engine is a traditional one, then the fuel is provided by pressuring the engine’s injectors with the help of a lift pump. Once the fuel is supplied to the injectors, it will use the exact volume of fuel essential to operate the engine in its full capacity and return the remaining amount of fuel to the fuel tank. 
Now, if you want to measure the volume of fuel used by the diesel engine, you just need two fuel flow meters. Place diesel flow sensor at the fuel’s supply line and the other fuel oil flow meter in the fuel’s return line and subtract the difference electronically to get the exact number. Although it sounds easy to measure the difference, it is very tough to get the measurement right in reality.
The most important use of diesel is for diesel engines for vehicles and ships. Compared with gasoline, diesel has high energy density and low fuel consumption rate. Diesel fuel has low energy consumption, so some small cars and even high-performance cars also use diesel. Diesel is flammable, volatile, and insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and other organic solvent. Customers need diesel flow instruments to monitor diesel fuel consumption in the automotive, marine, portable fueling and power generation industries and so on.

Oval gear flow meter for diesel flow measurement

  • Positive displacement flow meter (PD flow meter)
  • Can be made into mechanical type diesel oil flow meter or with flow transmitter option
  • High accuracy, bulky size and robust construction
  • In-line fuel flow meter with various material options, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel
  • No straight pipeline needed when installation the oil flow sensor
  • High accuracy: 0.5% or 0.2% option
  • Can with various outputs, such as 4-20mA, pulse or Hart, Modbus
  • Sensor size from DN10 to DN200 (8 inch diesel fuel flow meter)

Turbine flow meter (TUF) for diesel flow measurement

  • Low cost and compact size digital diesel flow meter
  • Option with electronic displays: Battery operated or 12 or 24V DC external power
  • Stainless steel oil flow meter
  • Various process connection: thread, flange or tri-clamp connection
  • Sensor size from DN6 to DN200 (8 inch turbine flow meter)
  • Various sizes available: from simple and economical turbine sensor to turbine transmitter with various outputs and digital display

Coriolis mass flow meter for diesel oil flow metering

  • Indeed direct accurate mass flow measurement
  • High accuracy: 0.15%~0.2%
  • Various parameters detected by only one Coriolis sensor: diesel mass flow, density, temperature
  • Reliable and excellent performance, used in custody transfer
  • All 316L stainless steel material
  • Inline diesel fuel flow meter

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