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Insertion air flow meter

Insertion air flow meter

Thermal mass flow meter is a suitable type insertion air flow meter which can detect air or compressed air flow rate in a closed pipeline or duct. Insertion style thermal dispersion flow meter is for pipeline size over 65mm, for the size below than 2-1/2” size, we can consider in-line type thermal mass air flow meter.

Insertion air flow meter features

Insertion air flow meter for easy installation
Save a lot cost for large size pipelines
Direct air mass flow measurement without any temperature and pressure compensation
Can work for clean air, compressed air dirty air or high temperature air, such as combustion air, duct air
Can detect and monitor air at very low flow rate or at low pressure
Can work for the air at max temperature of 350°C (662°F)
Electronic air flow meter with digital display and various output, such as frequency, pulse, 4-20mA,MODBUS,HART

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