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Insertion air flow meter

Insertion air flow meter

In the modern era, accurate measurement of air flow has become pivotal across a multitude of applications, from industrial processes to HVAC systems. Among the cutting-edge solutions, insertion air flow meters, particularly the thermal mass flow meter variant, have risen to prominence as a cornerstone technology for detecting air or compressed air flow rates within closed pipelines or ducts. This article delves into the unique features and advantages of insertion thermal mass flow meters, shedding light on their applications and the value they bring to diverse industries.

Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meters: Redefining Air Flow Measurement

At the heart of efficient air flow measurement lies the thermal mass flow meter, a remarkable technology that utilizes the principle of thermal dispersion to deliver precise results. Ideal for insertion applications, these meters excel in closed pipelines or ducts with a diameter exceeding 65mm. In cases where the pipeline diameter falls below 2-1/2", the in-line type thermal mass air flow meter emerges as a suitable alternative.

Key Features of Insertion Air Flow Meters

  • Simplified Installation: The insertion air flow meter's design is centered around ease of installation. With straightforward insertion into the pipeline or duct, it eliminates the need for complex modifications or extensive downtime, ensuring a seamless integration process.
  • Cost-Efficiency for Large Pipelines: In industries dealing with large-sized pipelines, insertion air flow meters present a cost-effective solution. By accurately measuring air flow rates without the necessity of elaborate temperature and pressure compensation mechanisms, these meters save both time and resources. Insertion thermal mass flowmeter is pefect for large pipeline sizes such as 4”, 8”, 10”, DN500, DN100 duct sizes.
  • Direct Air Mass Flow Measurement: One of the standout advantages of insertion thermal mass flow meters is their ability to directly measure air mass flow. This direct measurement ensures accurate readings without the need for additional compensation factors, enabling precise data collection.
  • Versatility in Air Types: Insertion air flow meters exhibit remarkable versatility, capable of handling a wide spectrum of air types. Whether it's clean air, compressed air, flue gas, dirty air, or high-temperature air, such as combustion or duct air, these meters provide consistent and reliable readings.
  • Low Flow Rate and Pressure Detection: These insertable flow meters are proficient in detecting and monitoring air at exceptionally low flow rates or under low pressure conditions. This attribute is particularly useful in applications where subtle variations in air flow can have a significant impact.
  • High-Temperature Air flow meter : Insertion thermal mass flow meters are engineered to withstand demanding environments, accommodating air temperatures reaching a maximum of 350°C (662°F). This resilience ensures accurate measurements even in high-temperature settings.
  • Advanced Digital Display and Outputs: Equipped with electronic interfaces, insertion air flow meters offer a range of output options. From frequency and pulse outputs to 4-20mA, MODBUS, and HART protocols, these meters provide comprehensive data that can seamlessly integrate with various data acquisition systems.

Applications and Impact

The applications of insertion thermal mass flow meters span a diverse array of industries. From monitoring combustion air in industrial furnaces to optimizing HVAC systems' efficiency, these meters play a pivotal role in ensuring processes are streamlined and resources are utilized effectively. Industries that prioritize accurate air flow measurements, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and petrochemicals, can benefit significantly from the precision and adaptability offered by insertion air flow meters.


In the pursuit of operational excellence and efficiency, insertion thermal mass flow meters emerge as game-changers in the realm of air flow measurement. Their ability to deliver accurate results across a range of air types, coupled with their easy installation and advanced digital interfaces, positions them as indispensable tools across industries. As technology continues to advance, insertion air flow meters stand as a testament to the innovative strides being taken to optimize processes, conserve resources, and drive progress in the world of air flow management.
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