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Fare Gas Usage

Flare gas and vent gas systems are used around the world in various industries including oil and gas production, refining, chemical processing, gas plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and landfills. The systems are utilized to burn off waste gases, dispose of surplus gases and protect people, equipment and the environment. The measurement and monitoring of flare gas is necessary to assure that the flare system is operating correctly.

Why use thermal mass flow meter for flare gas flow measurement

Thermal dispersion flow meter is a kind of direct mass flow metering instruments for flare gas flow measurement with durable construction, reliable performance, high accuracy and economical cost.
To completely burn waste and excess gases in any process of gas or oil production, go for the thermal mass flow meter. This is used very well with flare combustors in all gas processing, tank batteries, dehydration facilities, and industrial plants and in tank farms.
Thermal mass flow meters are also used in gas distribution infrastructure, drilling operations, chemical processing, gas processing and in landfills.

Features of Fare gas flow meter

Thermal mass flow meters are commonly used across the world because of their advantages which include:
Offers direct mass measurement, no need compensation for pressure and temperature.
Large turn down ratio to meet flare gas wide flow rate variations
Can detect flare gas at low operation pressure and low flow rate
Thermal mass flow meter can work on the dirty flare gas
All stainless steel 316 flow meter probe which to stand hydrogen sulfide
Readily available and properly functioning alarms, totalizers and many other communication protocols
Handles any level of velocity whether flare gas in low or high flow rate
Insertion or in-line type flow meter probe

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