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High temp air flow meter

High temp air flow meter can take measurement of air or gaseous state media with max 350°C (662°F) high temperature, it is widely used in power generation, steel industry for combustion air or exhaust gas flow rate measurement. We normally use thermal mass flow meter or vortex shedding flow meters as high temperature air flow measurement instruments.


Gas or air temperature can max with 350°C
Volumetric flow meter or mass flow meter option
Different air flow rate unit options: m3/h, Liter/hr,SCFM, g/min,g/s, Kg/min,Kg/h,Nm3/h,Nm3/min,NL/h,NL/min;
Total flow units options: m3, g, Kg, Nm3,NL, CFM
In-line high temperature air flow sensor or insertion air flow probe
Electronic air flow meter with digital display to show instant flow or total flow
Low price air flowmeter from China reliable flow meter manufactures
Air flow transmitter with 4-20mA or pulse or Hart or Modbus protocol
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