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High temp air flow meter

High temp air flow meter

The high-temperature air flow meter is a tool that measures the flow of air or gases at very hot temperatures, up to 350°C (662°F). It's commonly used in places like power plants and steel factories to measure how fast air is moving in combustion or exhaust systems. The main type high temperature air flow meter is thermal mass flow meters .

The thermal mass flow meter works based on a simple principle: it measures the heat transfer from a heated object to the flowing fluid. Here's how it works:
Heating Element: The flow meter has a heated element inside it. When the fluid flows past this element, it takes away some of the heat.
Temperature Sensors: There are temperature sensors in the flow meter that detect the temperature change caused by the flowing fluid.
Calculation: By measuring the amount of heat lost from the heated element, the flow meter calculates the flow rate of the fluid.

So, in summary, the thermal mass flow meter uses heat to measure the flow rate of air or gases. It's commonly used in industries like power plants and steel factories where high-temperature air flow measurements are needed.

Here are some key points about these high-temperature air flow meters

  • - They can handle temperatures up to 350°C.
  • - You can choose between a volumetric flow meter or a mass flow meter, depending on what you need.
  • - There are different units you can use to measure the flow rate of air, like cubic meters per hour, liters per hour, standard cubic feet per minute, grams per minute, grams per second, kilograms per minute, kilograms per hour, normal cubic meters per hour, normal cubic meters per minute, normal liters per hour, and normal liters per minute.
  • - You can also measure the total amount of air that has flowed using units like cubic meters, grams, kilograms, normal cubic meters, normal liters, and cubic feet per minute.
  • - These meters can either be installed directly in the flow of air (in-line) or inserted into the flow with a probe.
  • - They have electronic displays that show you the flow rate in real-time or the total amount of air that has flowed.
  • - These meters are made by reliable manufacturers in China, so they're affordable.
  • - You can get an air flow transmitter with different output options like 4-20mA, pulses, Hart, or Modbus protocols.

In simpler terms, these meters are like special thermometers for hot air. They can tell you how fast the air is moving and how much of it has moved over time. They come in different types and can measure in different units. You can either put them directly in the air flow or stick them in with a probe. They have screens that show you the information you need, and they're made in China, so they're not too expensive. You can also connect them to other devices to send the information they collect.
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