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Vortex air flow meter

Vortex air flow meter

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Why Vortex Flow Meter for air?

The vortex air flow meter has no moving parts as it works by the natural formation of vortices in the air stream. It operates over a wide range and is unaffected by factors such as temperature and pressure that result in inaccurate readings with other types of flow meters. Many flow meters are suitable only for liquid flow but vortex flow meters work effortlessly with gases & air or compressed air

The vortex flow sensor requires a short pipe run for installation and will remain in place for many years, making it a straightforward choice to monitor air usage and plant safety.

Features or advantages of vortex flow meter for air measurement

  • Vortex flow meter option with temperature and pressure compensation
  • Temperature and pressure correction vortex flow meter can indicate air or compressed air temperature, pressure, operate flow and standard flow.
  • Electronic vortex flow transmitters with digital display and output 4-20mA or pulse
  • Digital vortex flow meter with RS485 or Hart protocol option
  • Vortex air flow meters with their lack of moving parts are cheap to install and require little maintenance which makes them cost-effective and efficient for process control.
  • The readings can be transmitted ,meaning the flow meter can be positioned in hard to access places because it requires little maintenance over its long life. The design of a vortex flow meter for air gives minimal leak points that maintain consistency of the air pressure in the system.
  • The accuracy and reliability, despite fluctuations in temperature and pressure, make the vortex flow meter an ideal device to use in harsh conditions with fluctuating conditions.
  • A vortex air flow meter configures to provide measurements temperature and pressure as well as the volume of air. This facility makes the vortex flow meter for air a versatile monitoring tool to ensure there are no unexplained drops in pressure (air leaks) around the plant. This facility contributes to the safety and efficiency of plant operations.
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