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Compressed air flow meter

SRK-100 series Thermal-dispersion mass-flow is ideal for compressed air flow measurement. Compressed air flow measurement is important in energy saving industry, we need air flow instruments to monitor the consumption of the compressed air systems, identify air leaks, and save the manufacture cost.

Thermal mass flow meter features for compressed air flow measurement

Direct mass air flow meter and no need external temperature and pressure compensation
In line style or insertion compressed air flow sensor available
Compressed air flow measurement units available: SCFM, g/min, NL/h.etc
Total flow units available: g,Kg,Nm3,NL, cfm meter for compressed air
Built-in digital display air flow meter, electronic flow meter with various outputs and protocol, such as frequency, 4-20mA, and alarm switches,
Air flow meter sensor from DN15 to DN2000, often request compressed air flow meter size: 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch , 8 inch .,etc
Low price cost air flow meter from reliable China compressed air flow meter manufacturers
Thermal meter can easily handle the wide fluctuations in compressed air flow that could easily happen
It can also get compressed air temperature by the flow meter , and also dual outputs for the thermal mass flow transmitter, one is flow information , another is temperature output.

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