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Vortex flow meter with built-in temperature sensor and pressure sensor to realize vapor mass flow measurement

STLU series vortex flow meter now has update with integral temperature and pressure compensation; it does not need any external pressure transmitter, temperature sensor (RTD) also flow computer , which save a lot installation work for the customers. The vortex shedding flow meter digital display can show below information by only one vortex sensor:
Steam temperature
Steam pressure
Steam mass flow (instant flow)
Steam total mass flow ,steam flow meter with totalizer
It can be made into various process connections for different demands, such as thread, flange, wafer, insertion vortex sensor.

Vortex Flow Meter To Measure Steam With External Temperature and Pressure Compensation,steam flow meter with totalizer

Vortex flowmeters are often used to measure steam flow. When measuring steam mass flow, we will be equipped with industrial temperature sensor (RTD), pressure transmitter and AJ series flow totalizer. When these instruments are in use, temperature value from RTD,PT100, pressure signal (4-20mA) and vortex volume Flow signal (4-20mA or pulse) will input into the flow totalizer, the flow totalizer will calculate the steam mass flow value. It means we need  pressure sensor ,pt100 and flow computer to realise external temperature and pressure compensation.

Saturates steam and Over heated steam Flow measurement

The STLU series of high temperature vortex flowmeters can measure temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. Therefore, vortex flowmeters can measure both saturated steam flow and high temperature superheated steam flow.

Steam Flow totalizer/vortex steam meter information

From the AJ Flow totalizer , we can read the steam temperature ,pressure information as well, not only instant mass flow and total mass flow. Below is the AJ Flow totalizer display screen.

How to configure steam flow computer

Overview of Vortex steam flow meter

When selecting a vortex sensor of the appropriate diameter, users need to provide the operation temperature, pressure and flow range to the silver automation instruments, and the sales engineer will select the appropriate vortex flowmeter sensor size based on these parameters.The steam vortex flowmeter uses a piezoelectric stress sensor with high performance reliability and can operate in a fluid temperature range of -20 ° C to +350 ° C. The working pressure loss is small, the measuring range is wide, and the measurement range of saturated steam can reach 30 to 1, and the steam vortex flowmeter measurement technology is mature. It has analog standard signal and digital pulse signal output, which can be used with digital systems such as computers. It is a relatively advanced and ideal measuring instrument. Widely used in superheated steam, saturated steam, high temperature steam, etc.

Steam meter price

Steam meter price depends on steam flow meter types, steam pipeline size, 3 inch steam flow meter, 4 inch steam flow meter,6" and 8 inch , 10 inch steam flow meters, steam flow sensor material selection, Silver Automation Instruments offers low price steam vortex flow meter price starts from $ 350 dollars.
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