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10” flow meter

10” flow meter

What is 10" flow meter ?

10” flow meter is 10 inch flow meter, which is 250mm flow sensor; it is large size inline flow meter.Customers buy 10" flowmeters and want to use them for measuring sewage, municipal water, tap water or measuring air. Different measuring media use different flowmeters. The prices are also different. SILVER supplies 10" water flowmeters, 10" air and compressed air Flowmeter, 10" natural gas flowmeter, 10" steam flowmeter, 10" PD flowmeter is used for oil volume flow measurement.

10 inch water flow meters

Inline 10" turbine flowmeter is a large-diameter liquid flowmeter. The water measured by the DN250 turbine flowmeter is generally pure water, clean water, such as Tap water, drinking water, condensed water, hot water, etc.
10 inch water flow meters technical parameters:
  • The electronic liquid turbine flowmeter has pulse output or current 4-20mA output,
  • The liquid measuring range is: 100-1000m³/h, 440-4402 GPM
  • Enclosure Ratings: IP65
  • Digital communication for 10 inch turbine flow transmitter: HART or MODBUS
  • Inline flow meter process connection: Flange DIN, JIS or ASME, ANSI, 150LB or 300 #
  • Temperature range: -20 ~ 120 ℃
  • 10 inch water flow meters price starts from $ 1900

10 inch electromagnetic water flow meter

10”Eletromagnetic flow meters (EMF) have been used for continuous flow measurement in industrial applications for many years. They are very suitable for liquids with a conductivity greater than 5 μS/cm. In addition to water and wastewater, other contaminated liquids are also typical applications. The basic measurement principle of EMF is based on Faraday's law of induction.
10 inch electromagnetic water flow meter technical specifications
  • Flow range for 10 “ mag meter: 90-1800 m3/h
  • 10” Insertion magnetic flow meter or inline magnetic flow meter options
  • Digital water flow meter can detect forward and reverse water flow rate
  • Volumetric water flow meter
  • Application:  Raw water from canal, tap water, ground water, water treated, slurry water
  • Communication: MODBUS, RS485,HART, PROFIBUS-DP
  • Output: Pulse , frequency or 4-20mA
  • Power supply: 10” battery powered magnetic flow meter or 24V DC , 220V AC flow meter
  • Remote or integral display options for magnetic flow meter
  • Can be installed on carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, PDPE pipe , PVC pipe with grounding rings

10” air or Compressed Air flow meter

10” thermal mass flow meter is a flow measurement instrument that uses the principle of heat conduction to measure air flow. The flow sensor uses the constant temperature difference method to accurately measure the air mass flow. It can measure the flow of clean air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrocarbon gas, natural gas, coal gas and other gas flow detection, flare gas, combustion air, measuring flare stack and flue gases, dirty air: filled with dust and chemicals, Hot air of bag filter
10 inch air or Compressed Air flow meter technical specifications
  • Inline or insertion air flow sensor
  • 10” Digital flow transmitter with LCD display to show air mass flow rate and total flow
  • Can detect air low flow rate or air leakage at low pressure ( 10 Kpa or lower)
  • 10” flow gauge no need temperature or pressure sensor to realize air mass flow measurement
  • 4-20mA, Using RS-485 communication, or HART protocol, can realize factory automation and integration
  • Low pressure loss
  • 10” air or Compressed Air flow meter price starts from 800 $
  • Low price 10” flow meter from China flow meter manufactures

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