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Insertion type electromagnetic flow meter

Insertion type electromagnetic flow meter

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Overview of Insertion magnetic flow meter

Insertion electromagnetic flowmeter is a new type of fluid flow instrument developed on the basis of inline type electromagnetic flowmeter. It is difficult to install flanged inline type magnetic flow meter on large pipelines, and the installation cost and transportation fee is high. Insertion magnetic water meter takes measurement fluids velocity in a specific area of the pipe line, which will represent the whole pipeline fluids flow rate. Insertion type electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday’s Induction Law and has many wide applications in lot industries.
According to the principle of NIKU RADS, the electromagnetic method is used to measure the uniformity of fluid, and then calculate the flow rate of the whole pipeline. The insertion mag flow sensor can be installed without cutting off or stop the whole pipeline, magnetic flow sensor can also be installed on cast iron pipes and cement pipes. Insertion magnetic flow meter is cheap and economical solution to detect liquid conductive flow on large pipeline, however the accuracy is not as good as flanged inline magnetic flow meter.

How insertion type magnetic flow meter work

A small electromagnetic sensor built in a long rod then is inserted into the pipe, when the magnetic flow converter provides excitation current to the insertion mag flow sensor; a working magnetic field is generated in the excitation system composed of the iron core and the coil. When the liquid flows vertically through the working magnetic field of the sensor, it is equivalent to the movement of the conductor cutting the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field, so an induced electromotive force is generated in the conductor. This electromotive force is output by a pair of electrodes of the sensor. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, it can be known that the induced electromotive force is proportional to the flow rate. After the calculation and processing, the instantaneous flow rate and the cumulative flow rate are measured by insertion mag meter.

Insertion magnetic flow meter application

Insertion probe electromagnetic flow meter is suitable for pipeline size over 8 inches,large pipeline flow meter; it is ideal solution for large pipe size conductive liquid flow measurement ,such as waste water, portable water, raw water, clean water, municipal water, sewage. Insertion type electromagnetic flow meter is especially suitable for flow measurement in metallurgy, papermaking and sewage treatment industries.

Features and Specification

✔ Insertion mag flow sensor for easy installation comparing to in line type mag flow sensor
✔ Save price cost for large size flow measurement comparing with in-line electromagnetic flow meter
✔ Accuracy measurement: 1.5% , 2%
✔ All stainless steel 304 material construction for insertion type magnetic flow sensor;
✔ Suitable for pipe line size from DN200 to DN3000,such as 8 inch insertion flow meter, 10 inch insertion magnetic water flow meter, 12”,14”,16inch, 18” magnetic flow meter, 20 inch magnetic flow meter;24 inch, DN1000, DN1500mm.,etc
✔ Option with HART, MODBUS,4-20mA or pulse output, option with PROFIBUS-DP, digital insertion magnetic flow transmitter;
✔ No moving parts and simple maintenance
✔ Remote mag flow transmitter or compact mag flow transmitter
✔ Insertion magnetic flow meter flow velocity 0.5 m/s~10 m/s
✔ Insertion magnetic flow meter power supply: 220V AC, 24V DC or battery operated insertion magnetic flow meter;
✔ Low price cost ,insertion eletromagnetic flow meter price starts from $ 1000 dollars.

Insertion magentic flow meter accuracy curve

Insertion Magnetic Flow meter Installation

  • Flow meter pipeline should be filled with water
  • Reserve 10D in the upstream of the flow meter and 5D in the downstream of the flow meter
  • Fluids direction should be in the same direction of the arrow on the flow meter
  • No strong magnetic and radio frequency interference around the insertion flow meter
  • Insertoin magnetic flow meter cannot be installed in the suction side of the pump to avoid Vacuum and negative pressure
  • Inseriton eletromagnetic flow meter should be fixed if there is vibration around the flow meter

Installation Position Requirement for insertion type magnetic flow meter

1. The fluids should be full of pipeline
2. Line between the electrodes should be perpendicular to the direction of liquid flow
3. When install the flow meter in the horizontal pipeline,  the flow meter should be installed Vertical upward or vertical less 45°install

Installation when there is valve nearby

1. If the valve is near the flow meter, better to install the valve after the flow meter
2. If the valve before the flow meter, keep 20D distance

Straight Pipeline Requirement for insertion magnetic flow meter installation

Upstream 10D ,downstream 5D

Wrong Installation and mounting insertion magentic flow meter

1. Try to avoid gas into the flow meter
2. Not install the flow meter at the highest point
3. Not to install the flow meter where flow direction is from up to bottom at gravity flow.

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