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Irrigation water flow meter

SHD series Electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for irrigation industry to supply accurate and stable performance flow measurement in low price cost from China flow meter manufacture. We supply large ranges of digital flow sensor sizes to fit various applications (we often supply 4” size, 8” size, 10” size digital water flow meter).Mag meter flow trsansmittercan take effective irrigation water flow measurement with content of solids or impurities with high accuracy reaching to 0.5% or even 0.25%. Currently we can have in-line type battery powered mag meter for remote area flow measurement where power source is not available, we can even have MODBUS, GPRS, and CDMA battery mag meter.


✔Measurements are not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity;
✔ Digital water flow meter to have display to show instant flow and total flow
✔There are no obstructed flow components in the measuring tube, no pressure loss
✔The requirements for straight pipe sections are low
✔Unique adaptability to slurry measurement
✔Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance;
✔Low power consumption; stable zero point, high accuracy
✔Bi-direction flow measurement, forward flow and reverse flow.
✔Choose different sensor liners and electrode materials to measure a variety of media such as tap water, acid, alkali, mud, etc.
✔Can be made into large diameter irrigation water meters, such as DN2000, DN1000 and so on

Besides magnetic flow meter, we often use open channel flow meter, liquid turbine flow meter, and ultrasonic flow meter for irrigation flow measurement.

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