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Gas mass flow meter

Digital gas mass flow meters are designed for natural gas, hydrogen gas, LPG gas, propane gas, combustible gas, biogas, N2, and so on in closed pipeline. Silver Automation Instruments supplies accurate and low price gas mass flow meters over a wide range. Our sold gas flow measurements instrumentation approves to be stable operation and low maintenance cost in the long term running.

Thermal mass flowmeters and coriolis flow meters are often requested type gas mass flowmeters . The gas meters are of two types which differ in their constituency. The thermal gas mass flow meter consists of two sensors surrounding a central heater that can protrude in different directions. Thermal dispersion flow sensor utilizes the relationship between flow rate and cooling effect for direct measurement of mass gas flow. The other type is Coriolis flow meter which consists of an oscillatory tube fixed to a sensor and digital display. Coriolis flow meter operates on the "Coriolis principle" contains a vibrating tube in which gas flow causes changes in frequency, phase shift or amplitude. The coriolis flow meter sensor signal is fed into the integrally mounted pc-board.

Thermal mass flow meter for gas mass flow measurement

Thermal dispersion mass flow meter is a device that measures the flow rate of gases with high precision and accuracy. It utilizes the heat transfer mechanism to determine the flow of a gas or a mixture of different gases. It measures the flow of natural gas and other chemical gases used industrially. This flow meter has a wide range of commercial applications due to its advancing features.

Working principle

The thermal flow sensor works on the basis of heat transfer mechanisms. It is installed to a gas supply setup where the heater generates a known amount of heat. This heat is transferred to the gas containing pipe. The two sensors then detect the heat change that occurs in the fluid stream. This change in temperature of gas corresponds to the flow rate of gas.


  • Gas mass flow sensor size from DN6 ~DN6000
  • Digital Display to show instant flow and mass flow
  • Low cost gas mass flow meter
  • Digital gas flow meter with 4-20mA output, pulse and RS485 Communication
  • Direct measure gas mass flow meter without external temperature and pressure compensation
  • Gas mass flow controller is with options of alarm outputs.
  • Inexpensive thermal mass flow meter with insertion sensor for large pipeline or ducts

Coriolis flow meter for gas mass flow measurement

The mechanism of action of Coriolis gas mass flow meter depends upon the Coriolis principle. The change in frequency and amplitude of the gases in a pipe is measured by this meter to determine the flow rate. This meter is especially suitable for high-pressure gases like LPG. The high pressure of gas causes the movement of a tube. The oscillatory tube begins to rotate. This rotation produces inertia which is sensed by the sensor and shows the flow rate digitally. The gas mass flow meter measures the mass per unit time rather than the volume thus the unit of measurement is kilogram per second.


  • ·         Gas flow meter size :DN1.5~DN200 (8 inches)
  • ·         Direct measure gas mass flow, only for gas with large density
  • ·         Can detect gas which contained liquid
  • ·         Electronic display ,4-20mA ,RS485 and batch control options
  • ·         High accurate gas mass measurement
  • ·         Perfect choice for high pressure gas flow measurement, such as used as  LPG gas flow meter


These flow meters are widely used for the control and monitoring of mass-related processes. These reactions include chemical processes that involve custody transfer, material balance, recipe formation and billing process. Thus they find their use in a wide range of industries. The food industry, chemical plants, pharmaceutics industry, and other petrochemical industries use a gas mass flow meter to measure the mass flow of gases. Different petrochemical industries related to fuel gases also employ these gas meters due to ease of installment and other features.


These flow meters are applicable for various gases and also a mixture of gases. They provide a precision measurement under different conditions. They also measure the mass flow of compressible vapors and gases. These measurements are unaffected by changes in temperature and pressure. The gases applicable for this flow meter include natural gas, hydrogen gas, propane gas, biogas, and other gases. The flow of a mixture of different gases present in a pipe can also be determined by this flow meter. It is stable in its operation and low cost than other flow meters. The digital gas mass flow meter and various outputs make it a very useful meter for commercial gas flows.

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