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Magnetic flow meter for water

Magnetic flow meter for water

What is magnetic flow meter for water?

Electromagnetic flowmeter for water is an instrument that measures the volume flow of conductive water using Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The conductive water flows in the non-magnetic measuring pipe perpendicular to the magnetic field, and the induced electromotive force proportional to the water flow rate is generated in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the water. The direction of the electromotive force is determined according to the right-hand rule. The induced electromotive force is detected by two electrodes in direct contact with water, and magnetic water transmitted to the amplifier through the cable, and then converted into a unified output signal. Electromagnetic water flow meter   measuring tube is equipped with excitation coils, and the excitation current is provided by the electromagnetic flow converter. The excitation current generates a magnetic field and passes through the measurement tube.

Magnetic water flow meter uses

Magnetic flow meter for water is active in many fields, such as oil, gas, water treatment and petrochemical industries, chemical fiber, food, paper, sugar, mining and metallurgy, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, water conservancy and hydraulic engineering, steel and other industrial fields.
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Magnetic type water flow meter main performance

  • a. Unobstructed EM flow sensor: Mag flow sensor is not easy to block, and can be used to measure the industrial sludge water, waste water, sewage.,etc
  • b. No pressure loss: smooth mag flow meter sensor tube without any pressure loss and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
  • c. The measured water volume flow by magnetic type water flowmeter is actually not significantly affected by changes in water density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity, with high measurement accuracy, and EM flowmeter can measure the water flow in both forward and reverse directions.
  • d. Mag flow sensor has no moving parts, adopts low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, is not affected by power frequency and various stray electromagnetic field interference on site, and works stably and reliably.
  • e. The range ratio is large, 20:1, which can fully track the water flow, accurately measure the water small flow, and the full-scale flow rate setting range is wide.
  • f. The requirements for the front straight pipe section are lower when installing magnetic water type flow meter: upstream ≥ 5D, downstream ≥ 2D, D is the pipe diameter.
  • g The mag flow sensor can be installed flexibly: magnetic water flow meter can be installed horizontally, vertically and obliquely
  • h. Magnetic type water flow meter has simple structure, convenient installation and low maintenance cost.
  • i. Magnetic flow transmitter works digitally so that a data can be logged onto computer system or PLC, can measure both clean and dirty water (not reliant on particles in the water to function);

Precautions when installing and using electromagnetic water flowmeter

(1) Industrial sludge water generally contains a large amount of abrasive media, and the mag flow sensor is best installed vertically.
(2) The magnetic water flow sensor cannot be installed on a pipeline that is free to vibrate.
(3) The system grounding should be reliable.
(4) The measuring tube of eletromangetic type water flow meter must be completely filled with water;
(5) Selection of electromagnetic flowmeter: water type should be understood in order to reasonably select the sensor lining material, electrode material, etc.
(6) The conductivity of the measuring water should be ≥5pS/cm, especially take flow measurement of soft water , demineralized water or condensed water;

Technical specifications of magnetic water flow meter

●Magnetic flow meter for water has many dial sizes, normal request water flow meter size: 3/8inch, 1/2”,3/4inch, DN, 1-1/2";DN25,2inch, 3 inch mag water meter,4 inch magnetic water flow meter, 5” ,6inch EM water flow meter, 8inch , 200mm electromagnetic water meter, 10inch mag meter, 12 inch, 14in , 1000mm full bore magnetic flow meter.,etc
●Accuracy class: 0.5 class
●Measured water temperature range: -30 ~180°C, can be made into hot water magnetic flow meter or chilled water flow meter;
●Working pressure of magnetic flow meter: PN16, PN25, PN40, ANSI150LB, 300#.,etc, high pressure magnetic water flow meter can be customized by SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS.
●Water velocity range can be measured by magnetic flow meter: The flow measurement range corresponds to the velocity range of 0.1~15m/s
●Power supply: 85~256VAC, 45~63Hz.24VDC, battery operated magnetic water flow meter
●Length of straight pipe section before and after EM flow meter: upstream≥5D, downstream≥2D.
●Process connection: Flange ASME,ANSI , JIS, DIN, wafer, screw, thread, BSP or NPT, tri-clover or insertion magnetic type flow meter;
●Magnetic flow converter total power consumption: Less than 20W
●Ambient temperature: -25°C ~60°C
●Magnetic flow meter factory can provide explosion proof type magnetic flow meter, hazardous areas zone 2.Catagory 2. Exd IIB T4;
●Electronic magnetic water flow transmitter can have current 4-20mA,frequency outputs ,MODBUS RTU ,HART or PROFIBUS-DP, GPRS;


We all know that magnetic water flow meters are one of the few meters that are much more difficult to use than to manufacture, so in the process of measuring industrial sludge water, waste water, sewage, we mainly focus on two performances: the reliability and accuracy of the EM flow meters. The reliability of the instrument includes reliable instrument quality and maintainability or maintenance-free. The practice in recent years has proved that the electromagnetic type water flowmeter has indeed become our preferred and popularized water measurement instrument in the measurement of industrial sludge water, pulp, salty water, sea water, sewage, chemical solution, water treatment, acid water, sea water, grounding water, corrosive water, normal well water, river water, and fire fighting water due to its inherent performance-price ratio. We believe that with the development of water flow measurement technology, especially the continuous development and application of various magnetic type water flowmeters, it will provide a more solid foundation for the accurate measurement of industrial water, and the prospects will be broader.

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