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Alum water flow meter

Alum water flow meter

Why need to alum water flow rate measurement ?

Potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate, also known as alum, has the chemical formula KAl(SO4)2•12H2O. It is a double salt of potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate containing crystal water. It is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. Alum can be used to prepare aluminum salt, baking powder, paint, tanning, clarifying agent, mordant, papermaking, waterproofing agent, etc. It is often used for water purification in daily life. Alum water flow meter is often requested by customers.

Variable area roameter for alum water flow measurement

We supply variable area flow meter for alum water flow measurement. It can be local indicator type without power supply, or flow sensor can equip with transmitters having 4-20mA output.
Rotameter is the most commonly used flowmeter in industry and laboratories. It has the features of simple structure, low pressure loss and convenient maintenance. Rotameter is suitable for measuring alum water, and it can also measure the flow of corrosive medium. When in use, the flow meter is generally installed on a vertical pipe, and the fluid medium passes through the rotameter from bottom to top. The specially designed rotameter can be installed horizontally or vertically from top to bottom.

Technical Specifications of alum water flow meter

  • Metal tube Rotameter size available: 1/2”,1”, 2”,3”,4”, 6” or 8 inches
  • Operation temperature : -80℃-+200℃
  • Accuracy for alum water flow rate measurement:  1.5%
  • Operation pressure: Normal 16 bar, max 150 bar
  • Turn down Ratio: 10:1
  • Local indication type or 24V DC or 220V AC power supply or battery power supply
  • Digital rotameter with 4-20Ma output
  • Option with HART or Modbus
  • Option with different material : 304 SUS , 316 SUS , 316 L SUS or PTFE lined material
  • Horizontal or vertical flow meter direction
  • Low price cost from China flow meter factory
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