Deionized water flow meter

Deionized water flow meter

We often use liquid turbine flow meter for deionized water (RO/DI skids), soft water, and condensate, boiler feed water; because these fluids are clean and pure, and have low conductivity which magnetic flow meter cannot work.TUF is a kind of water flow measurement devices in low price cost and stable operation. If you buy DI flow meter, you can contact us.

In line digital water flow meter, digital display have GPM flow meter unit,m3/h,L/h .,etc
Velocity and volumetric flow meter, has volumetric instant flow and total flow
High accuracy and repeatability, can be used for batch control purpose
Rugged construction, all stainless steel material
Different process connection: in line wafer, flange, thread, sanitary tri-clamp
Customized flow meter, such as can be made into hygienic type, micro-flow type, high pressure type, high temperature type
Industrial turbine flowmeters has Low pressure drop
Size available: DN6 to DN200, frequent request sensor size.1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch DI water flow meter
Different power supply, such as lithium battery, 24V DC, 220VAC
Analog water flow meter,4-20mA ,pulse output ,also has RS485,MODBUS ,HART

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