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Overview of Variable Area Flow Meter
HH5 series variable area flow meter (also known as rotameter) is a kind of measuring meter which the flow rate is changing along with the area and is widely used in the process control of industrial automation with metal tube. Metal tube variable area flow meter has the merit of little volume, broad measuring range and convenience for use. Rotameter variable area flow meter can be used to measure liquid, gas and vapor flow especially fits for the flow rate measurement of low flow velocity and low flow flow meter (low flow rotameter).SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS is a China metal tube rotameter manufacturer to provide cheap digital rotameter flow meter.

HH5 series variable area rotameter has local indicator to display the instant flow which is normally accepted as flow indicator rotameter,Local indication without the need for auxiliary power, but we also havemetal tube rotameter with transmitterto have 4-20mA output or with Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughout Flow Range, it is digital rotameter with LCD display to show instant/totalized flow. Our metal tube flow meter employs advanced microprocessing central chip and high-quality industrialized components of Motorola Corporation to ensure the good performances of flow meters in many application fields.

For many years variable area flow meter are well received by many industries such as petrochemical, steel and iron, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmacy and water processing.

Custom rotameter according to customers’s specifications, we can make horizontal rotameter, thread connection rotameter, high temperature type rotameter.etc.

Features of Variable Area Flow Meter

  • Heavy duty welded float and guide construction.Firm work, little maintenance and long life metal tube rotameter
  • Low requirements to straight pipe part for installation.
  • Broader ratio of flow rate 10:1
  • Two-wire LCD indicator; instant/accumulated display of flow rate are available; backlight option.
  • Measure flow rate of liquids, gases & steam under critical conditions.
  • Rotation of non-contact magnetic coupling
  • Can be applied to hazardous occasions such as flammable and explosive ones
  • All-metal structure, fit for high temperature, high pressure and mediums with strong erosion.
  • The meter comes with a PFA lined tube option which is capable of measuring corrosive and agrressive medium.
  • Power supply 220V or 24 VDC power supply,supply two-wire transmitter,An available 4-20 mA transmitter option adds versatility.
  • Multi-parameters calibration function
  • Function of date recovery, date copy and power-off protection
  • The industry standard 250 mm face-to-face dimension,easy for installation.
  • Option with Tri-clover Fitting,flange or Screwed Connection
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